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WORKERS EARNING R562.00:Where is Labour Commissioner Mthunzi Shabangu?.

Tuesday, 6th December, 2022

Labour Commissioner Mthunzi Shabangu must account why companies are allowed to exploit workers in this country by paying them peanuts.

Recently, we exposed FeedMaster, a subsidiary of Ngwane Mills(PTY) LTD after we received evidence suggesting that employees were being paid R562.00 per fortnight.

But it later came to our attention that the employee who had received that amount actually worked overtime, the basic salary  is around R280.00 per-fortnight.

Yesterday, I spoke to one of the concerned senior Managers at Ngwane Mills who expressed serious concerns about the exploitation of workers, it was that Manager who provided more information that the employee worked overtime to earn that amount.

We are aware that some officials of the Labour Department are on the payroll in various companies, the syndicate that exploits employees is huge.

When trade unions run to court to try and enforce the rights of employees, Judges side with employers or delay the matter until those affected employees die or drop the case.

We cannot allow this to happen in this country, if the working class is intentionally pushed to poverty, what about those who depend on them for survival?

As a country we need to prioritize this issue of salaries, the pro-democracy movement must take a lead and address this issue.

Companies who refuse to pay reasonable salaries must be dealt with.

WORKERS EARNING R562.00:Where is Labour Commissioner Mthunzi Shabangu?.
Labour Commissioner Mthunzi Shabangu.