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Judiciary now at the mercy of public transport workers, defying court order to render Judges useless.

Saturday, 10th December, 2022

It is an indisputable fact that public transport workers will defy the order issued by the Industrial Court and the police, as law enforcers, will struggle to force these workers to report for duty next week.

Judge Abande Dlamini ought to have known that defying this court order, would render the entire judiciary useless and the public would start realizing that you could defy unjust orders with impunity.

It is important to state that the pillar and or power of the courts is vested on the respect of its orders, therefore Judges are always at the mercy of the citizens and  the law enforcers.

When citizens respect court orders without being forced,

they are demonstrating confidence in the justice system and the courts must, at all times,maintain, protect and preserve it’s integrity by ensuring equality and fairness before the law.

But in this country, the judiciary has been turned into a political tool to oppress the citizens therefore,unjust court orders that legitimize oppression and or dictatorship must be defied.

It should be noted that an interim order is respected on the basis that, once you approach the court to state your side of the story, the decision might change.

The court order against public transport workers was systematically issued to create confusion and stop the strike, while the applicant(Government), like a crocodile, drags the respondents to its own river(courts).

Salaries for Judges are paid by Government, they must remember that we know that and stop trying to twist our minds into believing that they can issue a ruling that can cripple this regime.

It’s even worse with Industrial Court Judge Abande Dlamini, who is owing the regime a favour after committing attempted murder without being arrested, the police concluded the investigations and the file was kept as a weapon to control him.

But Judge Abande’s court order remains a threat to the entire justice system, once the public transport workers demonstrate that court orders can be defied, the public will then realize that the courts are no longer respected.

In any country, once the citizens start defying the courts, anarchy and or public disorder erupts and this, results to political instability and subsequently undermines social and economic development.

Mswati and his Government ought to have known that by manipulating the courts, the public would end-up losing confidence in the judiciary and that would be the end of this cruel system.

Judge Abande should have refused to issue that court order because it is not enforceable, a court order must be enforceable.

So, Judge Abande committed a blunder, public transport workers will demonstrate next week that court orders can be defied with impunity.

This would be a gateway to democracy because Mswati’s courts remain an obstacle to a free and democratic society.

Judiciary now at the mercy of public transport workers, defying court order to render Judges useless.
High Court of eSwatini.