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Why did you ‘kill’ the innocent Switzerland tourist Mr Acting Prime Minister?.

Saturday, 17th December, 2022

Acting Prime Minister Themba must account for the death of Sven Agneus,the Switzerland tourist who died in a car accident at Hawane on Tuesday.

The tourist died a few hours after this Swaziland News published an article, informing the Nation that Government had released buses driven by police and soldiers without public driving permits.

Public transport workers downed tools on Tuesday and Wednesday demanding democracy, the release of incarcerated pro-democracy Members of Parliament(MPs) Mduduzi Bacede Mabuza, Mthandeni Dube and other political prisoners.

It is now clear that Acting Prime Minister Themba Masuku took a decision that resulted to the death of an innocent young man who thought eSwatini, as marketed by the Eswatini Tourism Authority(ETA)was a peaceful country.

But it wasn’t the first time, the Acting Prime Minister took a decision and or implemented Mswati’s order when he banned the delivery of petitions and this,resulted to the shooting and killing of dozens of civilians during the political unrest.

As the media, we have been questioning this Government as to why it killed the innocent civilians.

But we have yet another question; why did you kill the innocent tourist Mr Acting Prime Minister?

Why did you ‘kill’ the innocent Switzerland tourist Mr Acting Prime Minister?.
Sven Agneus,the late Switzerland tourist.