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Queen Labotsibeni was a donor for the ANC,funders want credible leaders who account for monies.

Wednesday, 21st December, 2022

Donors want credible leaders who subscribe to the principles of transparency and accountability, political leaders who refuse to account for monies will always make noise saying donors are not supporting them.

The truth is; if you are transparent and accountable,donors will always give you more money and fund your projects,they will also recommend you to other organizations.

Queen Labotsibeni, the grandmother of King Sobhuza was the donor for the African National Congress(ANC), this means donors and or funders play an important role in supporting democracy by providing resources.

When a media and or political organization consistently receives donor funding, then you must know that donors have confidence in the leadership of that organization when it comes to the accountability of funds.

The MultiStakeholder Forum(MSF) elected Emmanuel Ndlangamandla because of his credible record in the administration of donor funds.

Ndlangamandla is the former Executive Director of the Coordination Assembly of Non-Governmental Organizations(CANGO), he was elected to enhance the credibility of the MSF when it comes to the accountability of funds,those who elected him knew that donors trust him.

Therefore, we have an obligation to lecture those leaders who make noise saying donors don’t support them.

You can be popular, but if you are corrupt and refuse to respond to questions when asked by the media on how you utilize funds in your organization, you will never attract donors. 

Even a Government that is led by a political thug who refuses to account will never attract investors, political leaders will learn some of these things in the new democratic dispensation.

Donors have pumped-in over R3million in this online publication since it’s establishment, every-cent is accounted for, that’s why they keep on pumping more money.

We must never get tired of teaching these political leaders that the international community works with credible leaders so that they can learn to be transparent and account for monies,

Otherwise,they will continue  making noise saying donors hate them.

In conclusion, it is important to further clarify that there’s a difference between transparency and accountability.

Transparency in the context of this article means you must declare who is funding you so that we get to know your partners and your area of interest.

Accountability means you must account how the funds you received were spent, you account to the funders.

Therefore, if the project was funded by taxpayers, like Government projects,you account to the public through Parliament and other institutions that promote the accountability of public funds.

But, if the project was funded by donors you account to the donors, however,you can be transparent to the public.

Queen Labotsibeni was a donor for the ANC,funders want credible leaders who account for monies.
New MSF Treasurer Emmanuel Ndlangamandla.