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Why Secretary General Gift Dlamini, SFDF Executive remain disciplined political leaders.

Monday, 26th December, 2022

Gift Dlamini,the Secretary General(SG)of the newly formed Swazis First Democratic Front(SFDF)was heavily criticized on this news platform.

But, in his public addresses, Dlamini always defended the freedom of the very same independent media that criticizes him.

Indeed,there was a time when this journalist heavily questioned Dlamini’s speech at the Swaziland National Association of Teachers(SNAT)Centre during an event for the Swaziland Liberation Movement(SWALIMO), political toddlers thought this editor hated Gift Dlamini.

But the Secretary General of the newly formed Swazis First Democratic Front(SFDF) has a healthy relationship with the independent media because he understands politics.

The media is here to scrutinize and interrogate politicians, on the other hand, politicians have an obligation to use journalism ethics in holding the media accountable.

Gift Mandlenkosi Dlamini did exactly that during a press conference when he blasted this journalist,he was expressing his opinion.

Political toddlers will always think hot debates are a reflection of conflicts, there’s an intersection between politics and journalism.

As a result,debates and or the competition of ideas remain an integral part in the entire democratic discourse.

Even Tinkhundla politicians that include the likes of Deputy Prime Minister(DPM) Themba Masuku, Alpheous Nxumalo and others were once given a platform to write articles and defend themselves in this publication.

I would like to urge Secretary General Gift Dlamini never to get tired of criticizing this publication or it’s editor where he feels we are not acting within the scope of our duties.

Criticism is the vaccine of public figures, we will always encourage politicians to engage in debates. 

The political toddlers who are promoting a culture of dictatorship where criticism is interpreted as an attack, must be given a political nespray so that they can consume it and grow.

We will criticize anyone who behaves,walks,looks or ‘talks’ like King Mswati.

SFDF President Busie Mayisela, Dr Siphetfo Dlamini,Gift Dlamini and the other political leaders who formed this political party must walk tall, they did the right thing.

Busie is a former Ezulwini Mayor and an award winning businesswoman, some of us who knew her before the political unrest will tell you that her abilities cannot be isolated by Magawugawu.

It was a shame on its own that these reputable figures could allow themselves to be dictated by Magawugawu.

The SWALIMO President is a good human being when you look at him at a distance, but as you come closer, you get to know his dictatorship tendencies.

The resignation of the ‘entire’ SWALIMO senior Executive Commitee members was an indication that something was wrong with Magawugawu, he can use his talent and fake accounts to twist the public opinion regarding this issue,but it will always be a reference in his political career.

As mentioned earlier, we will criticize Magawugawu anytime we feel like doing so,he must surround himself with toddlers like his inyanga brother, Silolo and others who will take orders.

Busie, Siphetfo,Gift and Muzi Mmema are reputable politicians, you cannot just wake-up in the morning and tell them what to do, you must engage them and give them an opportunity to interrogate your ideas.

Magawugawu must prepare more fake accounts and insults because in 2023,the debate about the participation in the Tinkhundla undemocratic elections will intensify.

We expect political toddlers to contribute nothing to the debates except for insults and we don’t care.

Why Secretary General Gift Dlamini, SFDF Executive remain disciplined political leaders.
Swazis First Democratic Front(SFDF) Secretary General Gift Dlamini.