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MY THREE MONTHS WITHIN LUKE COMMISSION HOSPITAL DATA SYSTEM: Treat workers with dignity to protect data.

Wednesday, 4th January, 2023

While monitoring the Luke Commission Hospital for the past three(3)months, this is what I discovered;

Workers are dedicated to their jobs, the system  was designed in such a way that even when a staff member goes for lunch, he/she must report “out for lunch”.

It also allows even security guards to take pictures and report those entering the gate, pictures of patients are uploaded from the gate and this compromises the protection of information.

Updates on health reports are uploaded on the system, including names of those who have been certified dead even before their relatives are notified.

Information about Very Important Persons(VIPs)including their health progress reports is uploaded in the system, even junior staff members can access and monitor the health condition of a VIP.

Even though the system was designed to accommodate senior doctors where they discuss sensitive information,some staff members can easily see what is happening within the VIP wards.

The communication system is more vulnerable, it’s easy to see who is calling who and listen to the conversation.

In an institution where the Management is ill-treating workers, it is now clear that information for members of the public is not safe because any aggrieved staff member can leak the information or compromise data security.

The privacy of the patients’ information is protected by the law hence the Luke Commission must improve the safety of data.

Blaming the Swaziland News as to why it gained access to the system is not the solution, our duty is to expose in the public interest.

But we cannot publish private information about patients even the high profile ones unless, it is of public interest.

The Luke Commission must strengthen its data security,but this must start with improving the welfare of workers. 

Data security is always threatened by insiders,the Luke Commission cannot guarantee the safety of patient information while underpaying and ill-treatment workers.

 MY THREE MONTHS WITHIN LUKE COMMISSION HOSPITAL DATA SYSTEM: Treat workers with dignity to protect data.
A patient at the Luke Commission.