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ABDUCTION OF POLITICAL ACTIVISTS:You fight and cheered-up by a crowd,you suffer alone.

Thursday, 19th January, 2023

When you fight for democracy in eSwatini,you must always remember that you fight and get cheered by a crowd, but you end up suffering the consequences alone.

When we report as journalists that comrade “so-and-so” has been abducted by the police, political activists must know that the police will use the cellphones of those abducted activists to trace, kill or arrest others.

I am told one activist who was busy insulting journalists on social media shouted to his neighbors “ngicela nishayele Zwemart nimtjele kutsi sebangitsetse”, as police from Lukhozi grab him early in the morning. 

We have been persecuted by this regime,we know the brutality of Mswati’s government.

It is for these reasons we always get worried when we see other political leaders turning this deadly national project into a social media comedy.

We did our part as journalists by alerting the Nation that there are white hitmen hired to kill political activists, I investigated and published that story, other publications followed.

Responsible leaders could have prioritized safety and discussed ways of addressing this issue, but alas, others are busy insulting journalists while the regime intensify attacks on their members.  

Based on experience,I can advise the youth who are fighting for democracy to be extra careful,fight but prioritize your safety.

I have noted that based on the narrative by other pro-Tinkhundla political leaders,the plight of persecuted activists is never discussed,one or two hours is enough after we reported about the abductions.

Thereafter, the debate would be about Tinkhundla elections, “SIYAYA/ASIYI”.

Perhaps, one can advice the youth to work with political leaders who prioritize their safety, a struggle for democracy is not a social media comedy, it’s a deadly political project.

Muzi Mmema, a very brave fighter was killed by the regime.

As schools open, I have not even seen a single social media post from the leaders and those who claimed to love him, speaking about donations for his kids to go to school.

Wandile Dludlu, Mlungisi Makhanya Penuel Malinga and other PUDEMO comrades were attacked by the regime, they suffered the consequences personally with their families.

That’s why sometimes we keep quiet and watch when we see others thinking the struggle is a social media contest, others have suffered and died for the struggle for democracy.

Once the regime arrives at your door steps, Facebook activists will be nowhere to be found, they will be discussing SIYAYA/ASIYI, State agents will be killing you.

In conclusion, let me advise the youth in the struggle to read news with the purpose of understanding the struggle, its risks and how it impacts their life.

As you fight, make sure you are safe, this is a struggle,you are on your own.

MPs Bacede and Mthandeni are languishing in jail while their colleagues are busy preparing for elections, that’s the reality of a struggle in eSwatini.

ABDUCTION OF POLITICAL ACTIVISTS:You fight and cheered-up by a crowd,you suffer alone.
Abducted Sibusiso Nxumalo.