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HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYER THULANI MASEKO’S ASSASSINATION: When a foolish King turns a peaceful country into a war-zone.

Sunday, 22nd January, 2023

When King Mswati addressed his regiments on Saturday afternoon threatening that his mercenaries would deal with those calling for democracy, foolishness,stupidity,mixed with power and arrogance was written all over his face.

I have never met King David and his son Solomon but,reading the Bible always gives me a true picture of their character and wisdom.

Perhaps,that’s why it is believed Kings have wisdom, it’s based on the legacy of King David, his son Solomon and other rulers.

Mswati has been warned several times to stop perpetuating the civil war in this country, but every time he opens his mouth, he speaks disaster. 

It is very unfortunate to note that like human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko who has been killed merely for demanding a political dialogue,King Mswati will die one day.

The most unfortunate part is that Mswati wants to die like a fool,that’s why he is destroying everything because he knows his days are numbered.

I am restricted by journalism ethics,otherwise I could have long published King Mswati’s health report so that the Nation could know about all the diseases in his body and or his life expectancy.

Mswati is behaving like a fool who,upon learning that he might die anytime, destroys everything and when asked, his or her justification would be “kunani ngoba vele ngitokufa”.

A true leader always strives to create and leave a legacy, Mswati wants Swazis to fight,kill each other and destroy properties.

Those close to him allege that he normally says “kungamane kufe kuphele konkhe kunekutsi ngehle esihlalweni”.

Such sentiments can only come from a Head of State with a low thinking capacity, the truth is; Mswati will eventually fall and die like all of us.

Some of us Your Majesty were commanded by God not to fear a person who can only kill the flesh not the soul.

You allegedly killed human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko but you don’t have authority over his soul.

King Mswati must know that some of us are famous journalists today but that doesn’t mean there were no popular and influential scribes before us. 

This means,our time is coming where we will fall and die like every human being, other vibrant journalists will emerge and serve the public.

A true leader falls,die and leave a legacy not destruction,in fact the life cycle of nature suggests that you are powerful and influential today,tomorrow you are history.

Therefore,King Mswati must know that he will fall and be remembered for inciting a civil war in this country known for peace and stability.

It is now evident that eSwatini is led by a low minded King,Mswati thinks killing political leaders will intimidate others to keep quiet and stop demanding democracy, let’s wait and see.

HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYER THULANI MASEKO’S ASSASSINATION: When a foolish King turns a peaceful country into a war-zone.
King Mswati.