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Mercenaries or no mercenaries,King Mswati must be dethroned.

Tuesday, 24th January, 2023

King Mswati thinks hiring mercenaries and or hitmen to kill political leaders will diffuse the calls for democratic reforms but the truth is; he will eventually be dethroned.

After the brutal assassination of human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko,it became clear that Mswati is not ready to dialogue but his intention is to kill more innocent Swazis .

Even after attaining democracy,I don’t think as a country we would feel safe to have a King with a history of hiring mercenaries to kill those with different political views.

It is therefore important to state that as the tension escalates, we might find ourselves with no alternative but to dethrone Mswati.

Perhaps, Mswati might fool himself into thinking that he is safe with the mercenaries, his safety cannot be guaranteed in the midst of political killings.

Mswati must know that as long as we breathe,we will continue calling for democracy and justice, he must never parade death as an intimidation.

I am told that after the King endorsed the list of political activists who must be killed,he said after the assassinations “kutawushaya umoya eveni lakhe”.

But I can assure you Your Majesty, mercenaries or no mercenaries,you will eventually fall and leave the Throne.

 Mercenaries or no mercenaries,King Mswati must be dethroned.
King Mswati.