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King Mswati’s apartheid mercenaries killing civilians must be dealt with decisively.

Thursday, 26th January, 2023

I am not sure if as Swazis,we will allow Mswati's South African hitmen and or head of the mercenaries Arno Pienaar to walk freely in this country and kill our people with impunity.

Based on Pienaar’s links with Finance Minister Neal Rijikernberg’s as we have previously reported, it is clear that the killing of the Swazis is supported by, among others,a network of corrupt capitalists who are backing King Mswati to remain in power for their own business interests.

Arno Pienaar, the founder of Bastion Security who was working for the South African apartheid military, killing innocent South Africans for demanding democracy, allegedly confessed to the Times of London that he secured a security agreement with the King to deal with what he described as terrorists. 

It should be noted that Pienaar’s killing of civilians is not based on the principles of the rule of law, he was given a list,as he confirmed,of citizens to be killed and he claimed human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko was not in that list.

We would be making a huge mistake as Swazis if we could allow a man with an apartheid hangover to terrorize our country.

Pienaar must understand that he will not defeat the collective voice of the Swazis calling for democracy.

As a former soldier of the apartheid army, Arno Pienaar must explain why he failed to defeat the voice of South Africans calling for democracy.

Even now, this apartheid murderer is fully aware that Swazis would eventually be free, it’s just that he is excited by a political killing tender awarded to him by a low minded King.

Who is Arno Pienaar to label us as terrorists in our own country and boast that he was in possession of a list of citizens to be killed?.

Who told Pienaar that he has a monopoly over killing that he can go around boasting that he will kill people?.

We will not be told by Arno Piennar, an apartheid murderer, how to express ourselves with an intention to free our country from the oppressor.

We will not be labelled as terrorists by a capitalist with apartheid tendencies,Pienaar is determined to continue killing in defense of a dictator who forms part of their network of businesses.

It should be noted that some of us fully understand that there’s a group of ‘white’ capitalists who want Mswati to remain in power to protect their business interests, Neal Rijikernberg and Arno Piennar is part of that network.

We are fully aware that behind Mswati who is the face of our suffering, there are capitalists, who want this system of governance to be sustained because it allows them to exploit workers and loot our resources.

A source linked to the capitalists once told me that Neal Rijikernberg’s business syndicate wants this system of governance to be sustained because it teaches people respect.

“This is a peaceful country where we are able to do business freely, workers hardly protest, we pay them low salaries.Even if they can protest, once the police beat them, they go back to work,” one of the capitalists with a business in Matsapha allegedly said.

Perhaps, it is important for Swazis to understand how capitalists like Pienaar and Neal perceive us as citizens of this country, to them, we are slaves who must help them make more money by working in their forests companies and other businesses.

It is for these reasons Arno Pienaar must be declared a public enemy who must be removed by all means necessary.

This apartheid murderer cannot be allowed to boast that he was given a list of terrorists, he must also be investigated and account for the death of Thulani Maseko.

In conclusion, let me urge all Swazis including businesspeople to unite and deal with Arno Pienaar and his syndicate of apartheid murderers, this country is small, it’s easy to isolate and deal with a murderer like Pienaar.

As the media,we did our part to inform the Nation that Mswati has hired mercenaries to kill civilians including political activists, the power is now upon Swazis to decide on what to do with Arno Pienaar who is killing our relatives.

King Mswati’s apartheid mercenaries killing civilians must be dealt with decisively.
Mswati’s head of mercenaries Arno Pienaar.