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Mswati’s Government systematically delaying a political dialogue while assassinating political leaders.

Sunday, 29th January, 2023

“Eswatini is peaceful, Swazis were dancing Incwala with their King, it’s a few individuals who are burning structures and we are working on that”.

These were the sentiments of Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo when speaking to Ligwagwala FM.

Like weather,the political situation in  eSwatini changes and in the eyes of Government, it depends on what narrative Mswati and his political allies want to push.

When Mswati intends showcasing to the world that he enjoys a following by calling traditional events, the situation becomes peaceful but quickly changes when Swazis and the international community call for a national dialogue.

Indeed, when it’s time for a political dialogue, like chameleon, the political environment changes and government would say “a political dialogue cannot be held amid violence and killings”.

It is clear that Mswati has been delaying the political dialogue with the hope that he would eliminate dissents by killing political leaders who are calling for democratic reforms.

State hired mercenaries, the army and the police are unleashed on unarmed civilians, thereafter,the State controlled media reports that a few people attend protests while thousands attended Mswati’s cultural events.

The truth is; people are shot during protests and those who support Mswati are provided with free transport and escorted to Ludzidzini Palace.

Despite the abuse of taxpayers money to enhance Mswati’s ‘glory’, the numbers are not convincing.

There was no free transport to the late human rights lawyer Thulani Rudolf Maseko’s funeral but thousands paid their last respects to the activist.

I have never seen a headline in the State controlled media that read “Police fire teargas, disperse emabutfo ” but those who are against this regime face attacks from Mswati.

The intention is to intimidate the people so that the international community could conclude that a few Swazis support the calls for democracy.

It might not be now, but one day Swazis will vote freely in a referendum and decide the future of this cruel and oppressive regime, Mswati will know that Swazis want him out of power.

Mswati  hired mercenaries because there’s a power struggle within the army and the police and he felt these security officers were no longer taking and implementing his orders speedily.

Now that the mercenaries have confessed that they were hired and signed an agreement with Mswati, the King will account for the political killings.

Mswati’s Government systematically delaying a political dialogue while assassinating political leaders.
King Mswati.