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NNLC calls for press freedom, warns against harassment of independent journalists

Tuesday, 5th May, 2020

MBABANE: The Ngwane National Liberatory Congress (NNLC) is calling for press freedom amid claims by government that press freedom exists in the country.

According to a press statement released by the NNLC, it has been noticed how journalists like Eugene Dube and Zweli Martin Dlamini are persistently harassed by heavily armed police officers who invade and search their homes without proper search warrants. 

The political organization said these journalists only crime is executing their job by offering news to the Swazi nation. The NNLC has describe the act of harassing independent journalists by police as barbaric and uncalled for. The NNLC demands the government to stop harassing and intimidating independent journalists for doing their job.

When reached for comment NNLC  president Sibongile Mazibuko confirmed the statement from the party. 

"Yes, there is no press freedom in the country, if it existed, Journalists like Zweli Martin Dlamini would not  be in hiding and Eugene Dube would not have been apprehended. These are the only Journalists the Swazi masses are looking up to because they pen down facts as they are, the other media houses are captured by government to report what is acceptable to the country‚Äôs authorities. Moreover, since political parties were banned to use state-controlled Radio or Television, they now rely on South African media and online publications like the Swaziland News to write or broadcast what is happening in the country. Government should know that she is fighting a losing battle against the media" she said.


NNLC calls for press freedom, warns against harassment of independent journalists
NNLC calls for press freedom