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Where are the Swazis who voted for the Monarchy in 1968 Mr Prime Minister?

Wednesday, 1st February, 2023

Even if there were Swazis who voted for the Monarchy in 1968,the fact remains that they voted for King Sobhuza’s Imbokodvo National Movement(INM)not Mswati.

A majority of the people who voted for Imbokodvo in 1968 before the banning of political parties died years ago but surprisingly, this regime also cites those votes.

This means we are being ruled through votes that were cast by emadloti(ancestors), what a shame.

So Prime Minister Cleopas Sipho Dlamini wants to tell us that President Cyril Ramaphosa or the African National Congress(ANC) can use Nelson Mandela’s popular votes to stay in power on the basis that South Africans voted for the ANC in 1994?

I am not disputing the fact that Swazis may have voted for the Monarchy in 1968, but we can’t be ruled through votes that were cast over fifty(50)years ago.

Democracy suggests that every five(5) years, the social contract between government and the people is renewed through the ballot box. 

But in this country, we are stacked with a political monster in King Mswati who was never voted into office.

The PM must prove to us that the people who voted in 1968 are still alive and that they are the 99% majority as per his sentiments during the South African Development Community(SADC) Troika Extraordinary Summit.

It is only in eSwatini where democracy is measured by votes cast over 50 years ago, the PM must also produce the votes of a referendum that banned political parties.

King Mswati must be ready for more political headache,we are here to restore our dignity as citizens of this country.

Mswati must stand for elections if he claims he enjoys majority support in this country and let’s see who is going to vote for a low minded fellow like him.

Where are the Swazis who voted for the Monarchy in 1968 Mr Prime Minister?
King Mswati.