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King Mswati committed a diplomatic blunder by allowing Russian Foreign Minister to land eSwatini.

Tuesday, 21st February, 2023

King Mswati committed a huge diplomatic blunder by allowing Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrow to land in the Kingdom of eSwatini amid tension between Russia and the West fueled by the war in Ukraine.

It’s true that Mswati and his government might have targeted to parade eSwatini links with Russia as an intimidation tactic to scare those calling for democracy, that’s why the State controlled media was running a series of articles suggesting that Russia was ready to assist eSwatini to strengthen security.

The truth is, this country is supported by the United States(US) and the European Union(EU) on social programs but because this regime is headed by a low minded King,he opted to threaten the interests of those who supported the people for all these years by improving their lives in favour of the military support from Russia.

The health sector was supported by the US particularly HIV/AIDS programs while the EU funded Free Primary Education(FPE), this means Mswati will be in trouble should these international partners decide to dump his regime.

You can’t run a country if you are ignorant with regards to world politics and failing to balance the interest of world superpowers.

Parading Russian security assistance to the army will scare political novices,this country will be democratized and Mswati will eventually fall.

Mswati is too desperate now, even a political toddler understands that you must balance Russia,China,US and the interests of EU countries.

It’s true that Russia is China’s ally and Mswati is standing with Taiwan, rejecting China.

On the other hand, Mswati wants to hold on to Russia and the US while rejecting China in favor of Taiwan.

Mswati is acting like a diplomatic ‘prostitute’, he wants to date the US, and Russia knowing that these are diplomatic enemies.

As the situation stands, we need to be careful,we must remove Mswati as a matter of urgency, otherwise he will turn our country into a battlefield for superpowers.

King Mswati committed a diplomatic blunder by allowing Russian Foreign Minister to land eSwatini.
Prime Minister Cleopas Dlamini and Russia Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrow.