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Shaking hands with TUCOSWA Secretary General after criticizing the trade union,a lesson to political novice leaders.

Sunday, 26th February, 2023

Shaking hands with Mduduzi Gina, the Secretary of the Trade Union Congress of Swaziland(TUCOSWA) should be a lesson to political toddlers or novice leaders within the Mass Democratic Movement(MDM)who always believe criticism by the media is a fight and or a seed of division.

Gina,a PUDEMO member was at the party's 10th Elective Congress this weekend,he delivered a speech on behalf of the federation.

It should be noted that trade union leaders like Mduduzi Gina are politically experienced and are not easily threatened by criticism,instead, they perceive criticism as a ‘vaccine’ to correct and enhance good leadership.

It is for these reason he greeted the editor after delivering the speech, true leaders embrace criticism and allow the media to do its job.

The independent media and the Mass Democratic Movement(MDM) must start treating those who twist genuine criticism and portray themselves as victims like Tinkhundla loyalists because after all,this tendency of praise singing instead critically engaging on national issues was promoted by Tinkhundla.

We don’t have a problem with members of the public who attack the media perhaps, out of ignorance.

But,we have a problem with political leaders who undermine media freedom and call themselves pro-democracy activists.

Journalists are recognized by international bodies and part of our duties is to criticize and or hold those in power accountable.

TUCOSWA as a federation,must retain its position and lead the workers' struggle,companies in the country are exploiting workers with impunity.

I have noted the tendency of harassing journalists even within the Mass Democratic Movement(MDM) but at least now we know that those who are perpetrating this have Tinkhundla political hangover.

We are happy to see politically matured progressive leaders like Mduduzi Gina who understand that the media is there to hold those in power accountable.

Once the media identifies the problem, the duty of a leader is to correct that problem not to try and portray himself as a victim of media bashing.

In democratic

 countries,political leaders including Heads of State are heavily criticized but despite that, they sit on the same table during press conferences and discuss national issues with journalists.

The media that criticized the TUCOSWA Secretary General is the same media that will expose conspiracies by the regime and save his life amid the current political crisis.

Shaking hands with TUCOSWA Secretary General after criticizing the trade union,a lesson to political novice leaders.
TUCOSWA Secretary General Mduduzi Gina.