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Buganu is not culture but a ‘sex ceremony’ Your Majesty.

Monday, 13th March, 2023

I am not sure if King Mswati can allow other men to invite Inkhosikati LaNkambule,LaMbikiza, LaMatsebula,and other emaKhosikati to enjoy Buganu in his absentia.

Mswati can justify himself and brand this ‘rubbish’ as a cultural event, but the truth is,Buganu is a sex ceremony where the King unleashes members of his security forces and other men close to him to have sex with the wives of the poor and vulnerable.

As previously stated,Mswati may experience insomnia if he can learn that other men are drinking alcohol with his wives.

Perhaps others will claim these women are not forced to attend the Buganu ceremony,but truth be told,some are driven by hunger,some by company ‘policies’ and some by desperation for jobs because everything in this country was captured by royalty.

As a Swazi,I love my culture,but Buganu is an insult to men. 

Some cannot openly voice their grievances against this ‘sex ceremony’ because they fear victimization.

Our culture is beautiful but we are facing a challenge of a King who is manipulating our traditional values for his own selfish agendas.

King Mswati is obviously nearing the end of his life.

A few weeks ago,he was praying and preaching in an annual church service that was attended by the former President of South Africa,Jacob Zuma.

Being a hypocrite that he is, after praying he organized his annual ‘sex ceremony’ where married women are invited to drink alcohol and be vulnerable to being sexually abused by King Mswati’s servants.

Shame on you,Your Majesty;you show no regard for the men in this nation and you are an embarrassment to humanity!.

 Buganu is not culture but a ‘sex ceremony’ Your Majesty.