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Pastor Sihle’s controversial sermon and the JC’s secret candidate for the Throne

Tuesday, 12th May, 2020

When Sihle Dlamini, the Pastor from the now ‘ruling’ Jesus Calls Worship Centre (JCWC) bragged in the pulpit saying he will build roads and bridges for free in this country that would be officially opened by King, it became clear that the Monarch is now under siege by the JC political syndicate.


Perhaps, before delving much on Dlamini’s accumulation of wealth through corrupt means, let me first clarify that it’s a process to invite the King to officially open structures even those owned by public enterprises, such that some institutions were placed in the waiting list, surprisingly, Sihle has issued a “command” that the King will definitely, officially open structures built by him. Indeed, apart from the multi-million looting by the JC political syndicate that placed its members strategically in positions of influence to make decisions on public administration, Pastor Sihle’s sermon and arrogance demonstrates that the King is no longer in control of this country but decision are taken on his behalf by this corrupt syndicate hiding in the name of God. 

It is very unfortunate that such bragging came from Sihle, at the time when some of us were worried that the JC political syndicate was secretly lobbying for Inkhosikati LaMashwama and her son Prince Mkhandlo to take over the Throne when the King dies. Even though the King addressed the Nation last week, his health condition was highly questionable, and we have political vultures next to the King who are eagerly waiting for his last breath so that the JC’s young candidate Prince Mkhandlo can rise to the Throne. What should be noted here is that, apart from wealth which Dlamini accumulated through corrupt means, some of the King’s billions were secretly invested under Sihle Dlamini’s name and he can easily manipulate that to his benefit once the King is no more hence the reason to brag in this manner. 

It is very unfortunate that the King has found himself surrounded by these political vultures who manipulated his power to enrich themselves and now they have a twenty-year strategic plan to build roads and bridges for free while secretly waiting for his last breath. The King, like every human being might have a bad side, but the good thing about him is that even though he struggles to completely disconnect himself from the evil spirits of ancestors, he seems to be passionate about Christianity, perhaps that’s why the corrupt and dangerous JC syndicate managed to use the name of God to capture him.

We need to understand that Sihle Dlamini is not only corrupt and dangerous to the King, but he is also a direct link to Bishop Kasaru and his syndicate to monitor everything around the King including his health condition so that this “cult” can strategically position itself to remain in power in the next twenty years.

We may differ in political opinions but as a Nation we need to unite against this political syndicate that captured the King for we cannot allow the institution of the Monarchy that reflects our identity as eMaswati to be under seize in this manner. Some of us, we are advocating for democracy and that the King should surrender Executive powers to the people so that he can remain in the Throne as a uniting figure without political controversies.  

It is for this reason that we are deeply concerned with the conduct and political motives of the JC and people like Sihle who brags about riches at the time when our country is in a recession. 

It is worth mentioning that Prince Mkhandlo, the son of Inkhosikati LaMashwama who happens to be the JC’s candidate for the Throne is now around 2 years and we might never know what Sihle meant when he said his roads and bridges would be officially opened by the King twenty years from now.

The JC is and remains the most very dangerous political syndicate in this country and we need to keep our eyes wide open for they are capable of seizing power by virtue of being in strategic powerful positions. However, it might be a mountain to climb for them to achieve this, for we cannot allow decisions of this country to be taken in that controversial church and subsequently endorsed in Bishop Kasaru and Princess Lindiwe’s bedroom. 

As for Kasaru, he deserves to be investigated by a democratic government and be thrown behind bars together with the powerful members of his clique, he cannot control our country with a political remote and mess-up people’s lives in this manner.

Our country is now clouded by political confusion because we have various centres of power that take decisions and mess-up our lives, today is partial lockdown and tomorrow is full lock-down, it’s mess. What is left now is for Mandvulo and Princess Lindiwe to use these opening remarks in their speeches “It has pleased our leader Bishop Robert Karaso to announce to the Nation that churches should now observe a 70% capacity during services”.  

We are no longer able to plan our lives and future properly because we don’t know what decision will be made tomorrow, that’s the sad reality of a State Capture.

At the time when we are holding government accountable to fulfil social obligations, church is now emerging, bragging that they will soon build roads and bridges, where did the money came from?

But then, let me conclude by emphasizing that the JC remains the most dangerous political clique in the country, even the King is no longer safe because they are monitoring him until his last breath. As usual, once they achieve their political goal to completely seize control of this country through evil means, they will call it a blessing. Their ‘slogan’ is “Its time for the people of god”, may God protect our country from these corrupt political vultures. AMEN  








Pastor Sihle’s controversial sermon and the JC’s secret candidate for the Throne
King Mswati and Inkhosikati LaMashwama