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ENVIRONMENT MINISTER MOSES VILAKATI:Eswatini facing serious donga challenges.

Saturday, 18th March, 2023

MBABANE:Moses Vilakati,Minister of Tourism and Environmental Affairs says land degradation are the most serious challenges facing the Kingdom Eswatini these days.

Government online platforms reported on Saturday that the Minister was speaking when touring and handing over the Manzimhlophe donga rehabilitation and Bhidlilili Wetland Management Projects under Shiselweni I Inkhundla, both projects are funded through the Eswatini Environment Fund,in partnership with World Vision.

As we were coming here, one could easily see the glaring gullies next to the road in Galile area as evidence of the magnitude of the problem of dongas country wide.As the project team was describing the project to us during the tour, we learnt that somebody lost his life in the same donga a few years ago.This is something sad, for which we are all jointly responsible that it never happens again.I am very glad that today the threat to human life is eliminated,and our livestock and crop fields are no longer in danger,”said the Minister.

ENVIRONMENT MINISTER MOSES VILAKATI:Eswatini facing serious donga challenges.
The donga rehabilitation project at Manzimhlophe.