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Young Communist League wants eSwatini PM banned from SA over fraudulent ID, calls for democracy.

Friday, 15th May, 2020

MBABANE:Dloze Matooane, the Spokesperson of the Young Community League of South Africa (YCLSA)said they will vigorously influence a decision that seeks to ban Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini from entering South African for allegedly acquiring fraudulent citizenship of that country.

 Speaking to this Swaziland News publication, the YCLSA Spokesperson said as an organisation they want the same rules applied to ordinary Swazis and citizens of other countries to be enforced in the case of the PM who allegedly acquired a fraudulent ID and passport.

 “We want the same treatment that has applied to other ordinary Swazi and citizens of other countries to be used in the case of the current Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini. But we are further saying, we remain committed to our call for a democratic Swaziland. We also remain committed to the call for the unbanning of political parties and the release of all political prisoners. We remain committed to maintaining that Mswati’s regime is illegitimate and that the current Tinkhundla system in Swaziland is one of the most oppressive government systems experienced by mankind. We are also calling all progressive forces in the world to condemn the system and Mswati. We are further saying that the Department of Home Affairs should not treat any other person who is serving in the “Royal Executive or Government Executive differently” said the YCLSA Spokesperson. 

The PM when responding to our questions earlier and failed to answer eight specific questions about his South African citizenship but admitted through acting governmentSpokesperson Sabelo Dlamini that he used to be in possession of the South African ID and passport.This was in the midst of a high-level joint investigation between this Swaziland News and the Sunday Independent that exposed how the PM fraudulently acquired the South African citizenship.

 This serves to clarify that his Excellency the Prime Minister was in possession of a valid South African Identity Document and passport which has not been in use since his return to the Kingdom in 2000. In November 2018, the Prime Minister applied for a renunciation of his South African citizenship of whichtheprocess was finalized last year. After finalization of the process, his Excellency no longer holds a South African Identity and passport. The application was undertaken formally through diplomatic channels”he said.  

Young Communist League wants eSwatini PM banned from SA over fraudulent ID, calls for democracy.
Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini