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Restore the rule of law in honour of newly admitted attorneys.

Friday, 31st March, 2023

An independent and impartial judiciary does not only enhance peace and stability while maintaining law and order but,it also promotes competitiveness within the legal fraternity.

I know one Criminal Defense Lawyer who became famous and subsequently referred to as “top lawyer” not because he was the best, but he was using illegal means,bribing Judges,Magistrates,the police and prosecutors in order to win criminal cases.

After the judgements,the lawyer would then send  stories to Times journalists to promote him and as a result,he ended-up being famous through corrupt means.

In my ongoing case with the King,I had the opportunity to sit in a table with Advocates and an instructing attorney and that was when I relealised how lawyers worked hard to prepare for a case in a country where the rule of law reigned supreme.

The consultation is not only time consuming but it involves legal research and at times my legal team would practice role-playing among themselves with one of them acting as the defense attorney.

It would be unfortunate if Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala was admitting lawyers who will act like the one who became famous through corrupt networks yet he would struggle to argue a simple case in court.

We have very intelligent lawyers in the country, perhaps it is worth mentioning that some of them are my close friends but I don’t write articles to promote them whenever they win cases.

Instead, I always advise them to avoid too much media attention lest they become popular at a young age and then think they are far better the most senior attorneys.

It is therefore my humble advice to the newly admitted lawyers to maintain the highest level of integrity and refrain from misappropriating clients monies.

Clients will promote you through the power of the tongue if you are an honest lawyer. 

But the foundation of all these is an independent and impartial justice system,if the system makes it difficult for lawyers to execute their duties fairly,then corruption will strive.

Restore the rule of law in honour of newly admitted attorneys.
Chief Justice with newly admitted lawyers.