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Government statement on International Criminal Court(ICC) was actually Attorney General(AG)Sifiso Khumalo’s letter justifying misleading legal advice to Mswati.

Wednesday, 5th April, 2023

The Government press statement released after Bongnkosi ‘IB’ Dlamini  visited the International Criminal Court(ICC) as per an invitation by investigators was actually a ‘letter’ from Attorney General(AG)Sifiso Khumalo trying to justify his misleading legal advice to King Mswati.

It should be noted that the AG has been misleading Mswati that the ICC does not have any jurisdiction to investigate him,hence the visit to the ICC by IB Dlamini shook the foundations of the regime.

The press statement purported to be written by Government Alpheous Nxumalo,explains lots of unnecessary legal technicalities.

It actually reminded me of the adage by the police “ungachazi utawuchaza embili” when they arrest a suspect.

Mswati must wait for the investigation to be launched and concluded and thereafter, he will defend himself in the International Criminal Court(ICC),utawuchaza embili lena ka-ICC.

On another note,Attorney General(AG) Sifiso Khumalo must stop playing around with our minds by writing press statements and publish them under the name of Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo.

As mentioned before,we know the thinking capacity of Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo,he is not smart enough to understand legal technicalities particularly,on issues surrounding international law that regulates the ICC.

In my view,the AG is doing all these as an indirect explanation to Mswati that he must remain strong as the ICC will not arrest him.

It is clear that Mswati is continuing with the crimes against humanity because he might have received misleading advice from people he trust as lawyers.

But then,let me clearly assist the King regarding this matter; in the event the ICC issues a warrant of arrest against him, it’s true that no one will come to eSwatini to arrest him because he is above the law here and the country is not a signatory of the Rome Statute.

But,the warrant will isolate him because in the event he travels to a country that is a signatory of the Rome Statute like South Africa,he will be arrested and handed over to the International Criminal Court(ICC) for prosecution.

Unlike Russia,eSwatini rely heavily on the importation of goods and once the warrant of arrest has been issued, he will immediately stop traveling abroad in fear of being arrested.

Thereafter,sanctions will follow to block goods and services that might enable Mswati to survive in isolation.

It is clear that Mswati is continuing with killing people because hypocrites like Attorney General(AG) Sifiso Khumalo are misleading him,at the end,he will know what is means to be reported to the International Criminal Court(ICC).

Bongnkosi IB Dlamini,the Convenor of the United Eswatini Diaspora(UED)who visited the ICC as per an invitation by investigators of the International Criminal Court(ICC) was an investigator in the office of Public Protector working with Professor Thulie Madonsela.

Dlamini was among the investigators who investigated former President Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla scandal, he fully understands what he is doing and possibly, IB Dlamini might be working with other powerful people behind the scenes in pushing this matter.

The tendency of issuing press statements,undermining people and labeling them as proscribed will soon backfire, we will be here reporting about the downfall of Mswati and some of his loyalists because eventually,this cruel and oppressive regime will fall.

Government statement on International Criminal Court(ICC) was actually Attorney General(AG)Sifiso Khumalo’s letter justifying misleading legal advice to Mswati.
King Mswati.