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Overthrowing Mswati is the solution now,he has proven that he can’t dialogue with people.

Friday, 21st April, 2023

It’s a pity that the second wave of the political unrest might manifests into a full scale civil war.

Unfortunately,with Mswati refusing to participate in a political dialogue, the road to democracy might pass through that route.

The King has been evasive, saying he can’t dialogue because the political environment was not conducive,but after political activists halted underground operations to give way to a political dialogue, Mswati activated a system to hunt and kill political activists.

Human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko who has been writing letters appealing to international organizations to facilitate a dialogue was assassinated by the regime,and this proves that we are dealing with a political mafia here.

Mswati who killed civilians merely for demanding democracy has proven that he don’t want a political dialogue and for that reason,he might be removed through the barrel of a gun and the possibilities of the eSwatini situation manifesting into a full scale civil are very high.

It’s cowardice of the highest order to conclude that when oppressed people are silent then it’s over.

The most unfortunate part is that once the war starts,who is going to trust Mswati and the Southern African Development Community(SADC) if they call for a cease fire to give way for a political dialogue?.

It is for these reasons I am of the view that once the fight starts, it might not end until Mswati is removed or completely eliminated.

Mswati is, and remain a danger to public safety and security particularly to those calling for democracy.

Overthrowing Mswati is the solution now,he has proven that he can’t dialogue with people.
King Mswati.