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Eswatini not the pulpit of Africa but Mswati’s island of dictatorship in a sea of democracy.

Thursday, 4th May, 2023

It is very disturbing to note that hypocrites and Pharisees continue to mislead the Nation that the Kingdom of eSwatini is the pulpit of Africa.

This is actually the only country in Southern Africa if not in the entire continent,with a Gazzetted’ ‘holiday’ in honor of Incwala ritual ceremony where witchcraft is openly practiced in broad daylight.

The Book of Revelation tells us about the Beast that will emerge from the sea during the last days.

It’s not like the Beast is yet to be ‘born’,is already in the sea where King Mswati,an absolute monarch, sources water that is then mixed with human body-parts of ritually murdered Swazis to strengthen the Throne.

The powers are re-newed every year  during Incwala and every year we are losing our brothers,sisters,mothers and fathers including children just to sustain this ‘nonsensical’ Mswati’s Throne allegedly linked to ‘evil’ spirits.

Ayanda Dlamini, a resident of Nyanyali under Nkwene Inkhundla lost her child who was grabbed in broad-daylight during Incwala ritual ceremony.

Police were later deployed to invade the area,attack and silence residents who were protesting demanding the child and soon thereafter,Ayanda was subsequently dragged to Hlathikhulu Police Station where she was tortured.

Whenever, I see a Pastor or a Prophet talking ‘nonsense’ claming eSwatini is a pulpit of Africa and that Mswati was appointed by God, I wonder if the same Pastor can repeat those words after experiencing what Ayanda Dlamini of Nyanyali went through.

Even Women Rights Organizations kept quiet in fear of victimization because it was clear that the grabbing of the child was a royal ritual project for Mswati’s Incwala, police had to intimidate and torture the mother merely for demanding her child.

Only a few brave women rights and political activists that include Sibongile Mazibuko of the Ngwane National Liberatory Congress(NNLC) drove to Nyanyali to demonstrate support for the family of Ayanda Dlamini.

But three(3) years later, Ayanda Dlamini is still missing her child and she can’t do anything because a Head of State of the so-called ‘pulpit of Africa’ unleashed his police officers to torture her.

Therefore, the false Pastors and Prophets who always speak nonsense claiming this country is a pulpit of Africa just to please Mswati and secure political positions must understand what this means to the relatives of the people who were killed by Mswati.

I remember Bishop Nash Shongwe, he prayed for me in 1992 at the age of nine(9), he arrived at LaMgabhi Etiyeni with a team of Assemblies of God Pastors where he was a junior Pastor.

Bishop Nash was a powerful man of God,even though I was nine years, I still remember what he said before praying for me.

But I am not sure if I can agree now to be prayed for by Bishop Nash who is an agent of Mswati, a political and royal murder.

The love of money and goodies has destroyed many Pastors and Bishops, they never condemned the King for killing civilians only to speak nonsense that Eswatini is a pulpit of Africa.

As these Pastors and Bishops wait for the judgement day after failing to stand for the truth and condemn the atrocities against innocent civilians, they must know that the truth is not for sale.

Eswatini is not the pulpit of Africa but Mswati’s island of dictatorship in a sea of democracy.

Eswatini not the pulpit of Africa but Mswati’s island of dictatorship in a sea of democracy.
King Mswati.