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EVERYTHING FOR THE REVOLUTION, NOTHING AGAINST IT: Swaziland United Democratic Front(SUDF) clarifies US Embassy’s appreciation letter after editor’s article.

Monday, 15th May, 2023

The leadership of SUDF, has learnt with dismay an article written by Mr. Dlamini the Editor of Swaziland News late yesterday accusing us of wrongly using our letterheads in the letter of appreciation to the US embassy Friday last week at Ezulwini.

Mr. Editor asking for facts first before you avail yourself to be abused by sqabbliest hiding within some organizations, too shy to own up their views because they know the truth must not be part of your modus operandi. 

This activity was initiated by SUDF and roped in our sister organizations into it, so that an even louder voice is sent to the embassy in question. We did this openly so, above board as always. 

We engaged PPA and MSF leadership to come along and they did joined without any glitch, we work with these organizations every day and meet with them in various battlefield against tinkhundla because we have never seen them as competitors, nor rivalries as your tone in the article suggests.

No one raised qualms about this throughout as far as we know. We went on to ask them to co- sign the letter further did a press briefing after together because to us its not a fashion parade, they have invited us several times to their initiatives as an organization we have thrown our weight without hesitation.

On the abuse of the name of our leader Cde Thulani Maseko’s as an attempt to give credence on a story least researched, haphazardly written worse fraught with divisive tapestry is quite unfortunate of you Mr. Editor, we expect better from you please. Infact it’s our trite belief that Cde Thulani Maseko would himself not agree with this article, As an organization we’ve worked with him as a leader since our inception not just today, we’ve behind the doors disagreed with him and or his collective to come out and work very well for he was a Uniter not what his name and that of his organization is being associated with under this article.

We equally want to condemn Mr. Editor your vilifying us on the basis of some of our leaders belonging to one party or the other, exactly why we fight Mswati’s system of Misrule with this paranoia of because you are political different from me, you can’t have this job, this piece of land and or should be killed actually. SUDF and all these other organizations and most patriotic Swazis are tired of this mentality from those in authority, so don’t apply the same and expect us to smile at it because it’s now done by you, it remains wrong, unfortunate and unprofessional conduct from an esteemed Editor of a platform we’ve supported when it was not fashionable to do so and will continue notwithstanding this, we are guided by principle not whimsical flow of political weather.

Lastly, Mr. Editor, next time please when writing about what this one or that one has done or not done, call and get our side so your story is balanced professional and builds the movement of the Oppressed majority in this beautiful land of our forebears. This was drop of the ball and take it that you were carried away and forgot basics of the profession. We remain committed to the course particularly building of unity with a purpose guided by the strategic objective of bringing democracy as means to shift power from the Feudal lords to a People’s democratic state in our life time. Let’s focus on that, this is a very long fight, and hard journey let’s not score own goals broad day light out of absolutely avoidable temptations dear Editor. No love lost let’s work, our people need everything and everyone particularly tried and tested forces.

EVERYTHING FOR THE REVOLUTION, NOTHING AGAINST IT: Swaziland United Democratic Front(SUDF) clarifies US Embassy’s appreciation letter after editor’s article.
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