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Retired PS Clifford Mamba uhlome iNkhosi elutswini by locking a Government office.

Sunday, 21st May, 2023

In Siswati there’s an adage that says “kuhloma elutswini”, it means exposing someone on things discussed behind the scenes.

Now,when retired Urban Development Principal Secretary(PS) Clifford Mamba locked the government office and disappeared without any handover, he was exposing King Mswati who appointed him into the position.

After disappearing without any handover, the PS reportedly refused to vacate a government house he has been occupying as part of his benefits as a Controlling Officer.

In Siswati “uhlome iNkhosi elutswini” just to prove to anyone that he was powerful and will definitely bounce back.

Whether Mamba will be awarded an extended contract or not, the message he was communicating to the public and other officials within the Ministry, by locking a government office, was not only political but, it demonstrated that Mamba might have been involved in ‘dirty’ dealings with Mswati.

The answer whether Principal Secretary(PS) Clifford Mamba was part of King Mswati’s powerful and politically connected corrupt syndicate will be known in the next few months.

The King is yet to appoint a Cabinet,new Ambassadors, emaBandla, MPs, Senators and other members of the various Governing Councils, perhaps Clifford Mamba might emerge in the next appointments or be granted a new contract as PS.

But one is tempted to make an example about Spokesperson Percy Simelane,who is one of Mswati’s trusted servants. 

When the time came for Simelane to retire, he did not behave like Clifford Mamba or abused the trust bestowed upon him by the King,he accepted that his contract had expired and went home without locking his office.The King re-appointed Simelane as his Spokesperson while he was at home. 

But,it be should be noted that,in the event the retired PS bounce back,that would mean he is one of the most powerful trusted servants of the King, but an arrogant one.

Clifford Mamba has been telling officials within the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development that he will bounce back, it’s difficult to cross fingers and say “he won’t”.

Who knows, maybe he was engaging in corruption as per the instructions of the King.

Retired PS Clifford Mamba uhlome iNkhosi elutswini by locking a Government office.
Retired PS Clifford Mamba