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Where are the drugs in government hospitals Your Majesty?.

Friday, 26th May, 2023

It is very unfortunate that a whole Head of State can keep quiet amid reports suggesting that Mbabane Government Hospital, being the main health facility and/or referral hospital in the country, has literally ran out of medication.

Mswati has the tendency of maintaining silence even on issues that threaten the existence of the Swazi Nation but,when his personal security or life is at stake, his verbal-diarrhoea erupts.

We cannot keep quiet as if everything is normal while people are dying in large numbers within the government hospitals, as a result of poor governance and corruption that has since become a norm in this country.

It should be noted that the shortage of drugs in government hospitals cannot be selectively,attributed to Health Minister Lizzie Nkosi and/or Principal Secretary(PS) Dr Simon Zwane, this crisis was triggered by Mswati’s extravagant lifestyle.

With an intention to cover-up the mess, government has been shifting the blame, claiming the drugs are looted by health workers, one wonders how can these health workers loot drugs that are non-existent.

Mswati is fast becoming a serious problem in this country, his appetite to loot public funds to sustain his lavish lifestyle is now manifesting into a ‘genocide’ within the public hospitals.

Perhaps, it is important to state that as the editor, I would be failing in my duties if I can address the Health Minister and the PS, knowing very well that the current health crisis was triggered by government’s failure to purchase drugs as more public funds are looted by King Mswati.

It is very unfortunate that this country that we love so much with its refreshing environment,beautiful landscape and respectful citizens is being destroyed by one man whose arrogance and love for money has corrupted his mind, he doesn’t cares about the people, as long as his appetite for money is satisfied.

Health workers have tried to raise awareness regarding the shortage of drugs,they even went as far as taking government to court demanding working equipment. 

But the truth is; it is King Mswati who must release the public funds from his pockets to buy the drugs and save the lives of the people who are perishing in hospitals.

The problem started when the King built his own hospital at Manzana-Lobamba and as a result, the shortage of drugs in public hospitals doesn’t affect him and his close relatives.

Where are the drugs in government hospitals Your Majesty?.
King Mswati(pic:REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz)