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LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS BLUNDER: So what was alleged Acting PS Makhosi Simelane defending if the Minister is admitting wrong-doing?.

Tuesday, 27th June, 2023

Urban Development Minister Prince Simelane might have committed some political blunders before, but he is always quick to admit wrongdoing and apologize to the Nation, that’s the qualities of a good leader.

Both the Swaziland News and the Times of eSwatini ‘collaborated’ to provide accurate information to the public ahead of local government elections, even the State owned eSwatini Observer did highlight online that there were shortage of ballot papers.

I personally contacted Acting Principal Secretary(PS) Makhosi Simelane to verify, he told me that elections were continuing smoothly despite being told that there were shortage of ballot papers across the country.

It is clear that retired Urban Development PS Clifford Mamba’s corrupt syndicate is deep rooted in that Ministry, and the Minister and all his advisors must have a political backbone to deal with the scourge.

Acting PS Makhosi Simelane even defended Matsapha Chief Executive Officer(CEO) Lucky Sukati, after we exposed him that he was responsible for the shortage of ballot papers, the Times did a follow-up of our story and interviewed the Acting Urban Development PS.

But, it is now clear that Makhosi Simelane cannot lead that Ministry as a PS, if he choose to compromise the truth and defend Clifford Mamba’s syndicate, shortly, he will have a serious problem controlling the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

Urban Development Minister Prince Simelane has once again timely demonstrated leadership by apologizing, he did not defend corruption, this means the Acting PS will now face tough questions from the media.

That an elections electronic system belonging to Slomoes Corporation was used despite an order from the Auditor General(AG) stopping same, is a serious act of insubordination by the Acting PS and his alleged corrupt and politically connected syndicate.

It is clear that corrupt retired PS Clifford Mamba is still in control of that Ministry and therefore, serious actions must be taken to protect public funds and promote good governance.

Acting PS Makhosi Simelane must start preparing to respond to questions from the media, perhaps, the first one being “why did he defend corruption and or Matsapha CEO Lucky Sukati after being told that, even before the elections, there would be a blunder amid shortage of ballot papers?”.

The corrupt syndicate led by Clifford Mamba is rich and well connected and can bribe any weak government official, we need to scrutinize decisions to ascertain if those decisions are not influenced somewhere.

This is a country not Clifford Mamba’s ‘stokvel’, Minister Prince Simelane must also screen the list of those recommended for appointments as Councils and if he fails to do that, he will find himself appointing members of Clifford Mamba syndicate.

It should noted that already, the Acting PS has demonstrated who is his boss.

As a result, an elections voting system, corruptly procured by Clifford Mamba and subsequently stopped by governing institutions being Parliament and the office of the Auditor General, was used, just because a final word must come from Clifford Mamba.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS BLUNDER: So what was alleged Acting PS Makhosi Simelane defending if the Minister is admitting wrong-doing?.
Minister Prince Simelane.