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EFF Swaziland urges the youth to fight for political and economic freedom

Tuesday, 9th June, 2020

MBABANE: Lindelani Zwane, the Acting President of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)Swaziland has called upon the youth in eSwatini to fight for political and economic freedom while demanding the accountability of public resources from the government. 

Speaking to this Swaziland News during an interview, the Acting President said as the youth they believe economic freedom could be achieved in “our lifetime” adding than they were determined to fight against the abuse of public resources.

“Our aim is to bring democracy and economic freedom in our lifetime. As the youth we believe democracy should complement economic freedom so that we can see development in our country and accountability of public funds” said the Acting President.

The political activist said they were grateful that their President Ncamiso Ngcamphalala has been released on bail after being charged with sedition.

Eugene Dube, the editor of the Swati Newsweek said he will never testify against the EFF Swaziland President as that was against the principles of journalism. Speaking to this publication after the release of the EFF Swaziland President, the editor said he was aware that police were hoping that after arresting Ngcamphalala, they will then arrest and turn him into a State witness. Ngcamphalala was arrested and charged with sedition after expressing his opinion about King Mswati’s regime in the Swati newsweek.

“I will never testify against Ngcamphalala as that is against the principles of journalism. The people we interview are our sources of information so there is no way we can then testify against them. The police must just forget about that” said the editor.

EFF Swaziland urges the youth to fight for political and economic freedom
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