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Nurses leave for greener pastures as eSwatini health system collapse

Tuesday, 19th November, 2019

MBABANE: Nurses in the Kingdom of eSwatini are leaving in numbers for greener pastures in overseas countries as the health system collapse.

Dr Simon Zwane, the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Health confirmed the matter, however, he said most of these nurses did not clearly state the reasons behind their resignation. The PS was speaking in the national radio during Letishisakoshow today, where he further highlighted some challenges within the Health Ministry influenced by a huge number of Swazi doctors who cannot get employment in the various government hospitals.

“It’s true that nurses are resigning but we haven’t been officially informed that this has been influenced by the challenges in the health system. When some of them resign, they normally say they are going to further their education but we are aware this has been influenced by greener pastures as most countries are strengthening their health systems” said the PS.

But Bheki Mamba, the President of the Swaziland Nurses Association (SNA) when speaking during the same talk show in the national radio said nurses were frustrated by the non-availability of drugs in the various hospitals. He said nurses were not happy to see people dying in numbers in the hospitals because government cannot provide working equipment.

“What make a nurse happy is to see a patient recovering and enjoying life again. We normally feel we have done our job when we see Swazis who has been bedridden, walking in the streets after receiving bad treatment in hospitals. But now we are frustrated by the non-availability of working material and we have been telling government over and over again, however, nothing seems to change” said the SNA President 


Nurses leave for greener pastures as eSwatini health system collapse
Health Ministry PS Dr Simon Zwane