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Samson Hlatswako,Robert Kasaro, the Bishops from ‘hell’ who kept quiet and sided with Mswati who killed innocent civilians.

Tuesday, 18th July, 2023

Before Jesus came to earth to die for our sins, there was a dialogue in Heavean between the governing arms being God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The objective of the dialogue was to come-up with a resolution on who will ‘travel’ to earth to save the people perishing.

As a result, Jesus volunteered to become the sacrificial lamb(Imvana ka-Thico) who was to be killed so that, the world could be saved.

But, when Jesus arrived here, he found Pharisees and traditional law experts who were behaving like Bishop Samson Hlatswako and Robert Kasaro of the Jesus Calls Worship Centre, who were ready to fight him and “oppose everything he says”, while siding with the oppressors.

The Pharisees and the law experts were always among the group of people following Jesus Christ whenever he travels in the communities of what is today known as Israel.

But,as mentioned,their intentions was to oppose everything he says in favour of the now ‘defunct’ law of Moses.

Furthermore, the Pharisees were acting as State spies, monitoring everything that Jesus said, the intention was to ‘build’ a treason case that carried a death penalty.

Like Bishop Samson Hlatswako and Robert Kararo, the Pharisees looked like born again ‘Christians’, but the truth is; they were believers of the law of Moses, traditional and cultural norms.

Above all, the Pharisees were agents of the ruling regime.

The spirit of Pharisees actually originates from the devil, Satan was once a trusted Angel of God, so he knows how to fake to be a Christian, just like these fake Bishops next to Mswati.

When you look at Samson Hlatswako wearing his ‘Bishop robes’, and analyze his conduct, perhaps, you can swear that this is a Christian who will enter Heaven marching.

But alas, he is a very dangerous agent of an alleged killer, Mswati.

Bishop Hlatswako and some of the clowns who normally preach at Mandvulo Hall during  what is described as ‘National Prayer Services’, know only one fake verse; “The King was appointed to the Throne by God”.

Worth-noting, we have never seen any ‘Gazette’ signed by God appointing the King, they know very well that Mswati was appointed by Prince Mfanasibili and his Liqoqo gang.

Last week,these fake Bishops were praying for peaceful Tinkhundla elections, to them, the lives of the dozens of civilians who were allegedly killed by Mswati’s soldiers and the police does not have any value.

But before I conclude my article let me quote Mathew 23 verse 27 in SiSwati;

“Maye kini, bafundzisi bemtsetfo nebaFarisi! Batentisi! Nifana nemathuna lacakaciwe aba mhlophe, abukeka amahle ngaphandle, kodvwa ngekhatsi abe agcwele ematsambo ebantfu labafile nekungcola konkhe”.


Samson Hlatswako,Robert Kasaro, the Bishops from ‘hell’ who kept quiet and sided with Mswati who killed innocent civilians.
Bishop Samson Hlatswako.