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Lawyer Sicelo Mngomezulu better positioned to lead the MultiStakeholder Forum(MSF), in a democratic dispensation the law rules.

Tuesday, 1st August, 2023

It would be through democratic policies and/or a legal framework governing the MultiStakeholder Forum(MSF) that will outline the objective reality of what would be happening on the ground with regards to the calls for democratic reforms.

It is worth mentioning that even before we achieve democracy, we must be convinced that the organizations calling for liberation are grounded on democratic principles and progressive policies, it is through that legal framework where we are then able to hold political organizations accountable.

That prominent lawyer Sicelo Mngomezulu was elected as MSF Chairperson is the first step to the right direction, indeed, democracy should be grounded on the principles of the rule of law.

Even the highly anticipated political dialogue will require the establishment of a Dialogue Act and or a legal framework to govern the whole process of negotiations.

It would have been a downfall of the coalition for the pro-democracy movement if the organizations elected an ignorant person.

The regime killed lawyer Thulani Rudolf Maseko because he was busy writing letters to the United Nations and other human rights organizations, the international community acts based on informative documented reports or complaints.

But apart from that, those petitions must be written in a manner that demonstrates the understanding of the situation on ground, including the ongoing human rights violations .

Lawyer Sicelo Mngomezulu must also establish policies including disciplinary procedures for MSF members who will disregard collective resolutions, an organization that is defied with impunity by its affiliates loses integrity and credibility.

It is therefore important to state that by this time, we should have known what will happen to the MSF members who defied a resolution to boycott Tinkhundla undemocratic elections, otherwise if nothing happens, that would mean the purpose of forming the coalition was never achieved.

In conclusion, lawyer Mngomezulu must never be afraid of social media criticism when taking decisions, he must act based on policies of the organization.

Once he analyzes social media opinion, before implementing resolutions of the organization, other leaders who were opposed to his election as the MSF Chairperson will create fake Facebook accounts to insult and control him as if it’s the public. 

In the process, if he is a weak political leader,he will submit to pressure and lose credibility and integrity.

Lawyer Sicelo Mngomezulu better positioned to lead the MultiStakeholder Forum(MSF), in a democratic dispensation the law rules.
Lawyer Sicelo Mngomezulu and SWATCAWU Secretary General Sticks Nkambule.