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Minister David Cruizer Ngcamphalala stands a chance to win at Sigwe,Times editor Welcome Dlamini might become an MP next month.

Thursday, 3rd August, 2023

Whether one likes or hate Welcome Dlamini, the Times editor, his popularity grew significantly at Mbabane East and as a result, he stands a chance to become the next Mbabane East Member of Parliament(MP).

Dlamini’s popularity at Mbabane East is almost similar, if not equivalent to that of Tinkhundla Minister David Cruizer Ngcamphalala, the Sigwe Member of Parliament(MP).

Of course, previously I was blasted by political toddlers who questioned why I am predicting that Cruiser might win at Sigwe, well, let me state categorically clear that one of reasons I am fighting for media freedom is that, I want to write articles and my views freely.

Even political activists must know that they don’t have any authority to influence my views or regulate the way I think.

David Cruizer Ngcamphalala is a ‘hard-core’ Mangololo but, that does not mean I must predict that he will lose elections based on the fact that his political views are different to that of mine.

As the editor, my views must be informed by the reality on the ground not wishes.

As mentioned, David Cruizer Ngcamphalala’s popularity is almost similar to that of Welcome Dlamini, the Times editor.

Dlamini is 90% closer to become an MP, of course, with chances of becoming a Minister, I have investigated his political networks and my views are informed by the reality on the ground and Dlamini’s connections.

Again, I was blasted for previously reporting that Welcome Dlamini was nominated by popular demand, those who call themselves ‘comrades’ wondered why we reported positively about Dlamini because he “is a known Mangololo” journalist and that I, as the editor of this Swaziland News, we clashed on numerous occasions.

In journalism or politics, there’s no enemy, it’s just a ‘clash’ of political opinions, we are yet to hold Welcome Dlamini accountable if he becomes an MP or a Cabinet Minister.

But as mentioned,that would be in the interest of building a better society, outside politics and journalism, we will continue to chat as we do.

It’s very unfortunate that others within the camp of those who joined the calls for democratic reforms after June 2021, said they were disappointed on me for refusing to support the ‘fight from within’ strategy, I was a private investigator for the Prime Minister of eSwatini, royal family members and and other high profile people, I know how the Tinkhundla system of governance operates.

But having that experience cannot be interpreted as if I know everything.

It only helps me as an editor not to destroy the credibility of this internationally recognized online publication by pushing an agenda that is not in the interest of the public but an individual, who aspires to rule this country as an elected Prime Minister.

I am sorry to those ‘comrades’ who thought, we will assist them by de-campaigning those they perceive as “Bo-Mangololo”.

In my opinion, almost all those who participate in Tinkhundla elections are bo-Mangololo, just that others want their leader to become an elected Prime Minister.

As the independent media, we cannot claim this ‘comrade Mangololo’ is better that the original other, we must treat or perceive them the same.

We are not here to push an agenda of one man, such that we can go as far as scandalizing other Swazis just because others perceive them as boMangololo, Cruizer is a Swazi who supports Tinkhundla. 

Those ‘comrades’ who want to participate in Tinkhundla elections must also donate tractors, trucks or anything to the voters, we will report just like we did with Cruizer Ngcamphalala.

It’s a pity if they will tell us that they don’t have money, they ought to have known that elections needs resources or money and if they feel Cruizer is abusing public resources, they must organize a protest against him.

What I have realized here is that some activists who are pro-Tinkhundla want to weaponize the independent media to fight for them while they comment at the comfort of their homes.

I can imagine an internationally recognized online publication like this one, ignoring a story that Lutfo Dlamini is donating a truck at Ndzingeni only to promote, a mere Facebook activist, who is doing nothing except to lie to unsuspecting voters that he will change Tinkhundla system of governance from within or inside Parliament.

At the end of this month, we will be reporting about comrades who would have lost elections, others will insult us questioning why we are reporting, that’s why I am beginning not to take serious these political clowns who claim they will fight from within.

Even if they can win, they will expect journalists not to question them if they fail to change the Tinkhundla system of governance.

Any criticism to them is interpreted as a fight, we hope they will fail in their desire to ‘loot’ public funds as salaries in the name of fighting for democracy by participating in the undemocratic Tinkhundla elections.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with Cruizer and Welcome Dlamini, their political views are very clear, they support Tinkhundla system while I support multiparty democracy, journalists have political views as well.

We have a problem when one man thinks we are fools, by pushing the so-called ‘comrades’ to Parliament so that, they can contribute a percentage of their salaries to him as a token of appreciation.

As mentioned almost all of those who participate in the elections are boMangololo, one of their interests is money and power.

The public must never be misled, those who don’t believe, must save this article,there’s nothing like fighting from within, we will be here reminding those who think such thing exist.

Minister David Cruizer Ngcamphalala stands a chance to win at Sigwe,Times editor Welcome Dlamini might become an MP next month.
David Cruizer Ngcamphalala handing over a truck.