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Provide Auditor General(AG) Timothy Matsebula with escorts, eSwatini is now a ‘mafia’ State.

Monday, 7th August, 2023

It is now evident that the life of Timothy Matsebula, the Auditor General(AG) is in danger as he continues to investigate alleged corruption in the public administration, the State must provide security and prioritize his safety.

The Times of eSwatini published a report on Monday suggesting that, the Auditor General is receiving death threats, such threats cannot be taken lightly, considering the magnitude of the cases handled by the office of the AG these days.

Among other cases, Matsebula is investigating the alleged R12million elections tender corruption scandal involving former Principal Secretary(PS) Clifford Mamba, a well-resourced influential, powerful and politically connected public figure.

Furthermore, the Auditor General(AG) is investigating the circumstances surrounding the shortage of drugs in public hospitals, these two cases involve a powerful and politically connected corrupt dangerous syndicate.

It is therefore, important to State that Government including the independent media, must support any effort that seeks to uncover the truth on allegations of corruption.

Indeed, corruption have paralyzed the government coffers and undermined the provision of social services.

As the situation stands, there’s no Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC) in the country and the police are not well trained or resourced to investigate complicated cases of corruption especially,allegations that requires close analysis of documents on corporate and money-laundering among other serious cases.

It is therefore important to state that, cases that involve bank transactions, manipulation of procurement procedures require certain investigation skills. In this regard, the office of the Auditor General(AG) is better positioned to deal with such cases and where necessary, outsource some services from foreign experts.

Perhaps, let me applaud Finance Minister Neal Rijikernberg, the manner in which he is handling the drugs shortages probe is highly professional considering the fact that, the office of the AG is receiving support.

But what is required now is a budget, the Auditor General(AG) and his investigators must be protected, be provided with safe and secure houses.

Apart from that,AG Timothy Matsebula who is the main target, must be provided with escorts, the syndicate knows that the only remaining public institution capable of investigating corruption is the office of the Auditor General(AG) after corruption and political influence paralyzed the ACC, Public Accounts Committee(PAC) and the police.

As the independent media, we have been,and continue to expose corruption, therefore, any effort to investigate allegations of corruption in the public administration must be supported.

It is corruption that resulted to the death of patients in public hospitals amid shortage of drugs, the Auditor General(AG) is now carrying the country on his shoulders and the State must demonstrate a political will to support him with resources not just mere press statements expressing support.

Provide Auditor General(AG) Timothy Matsebula with escorts, eSwatini is now a ‘mafia’ State.
Auditor General(AG) Timothy Matsebula.