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Times journalists must guard against ‘insulting’ emaSwati who are experiencing pain in exile, Alec Lushaba landed in trouble.

Tuesday, 15th August, 2023

No single Liswati in self-exile, it’s either they left the country amid political persecution or in search for jobs in other countries.

A citizen who left his home country amid political persecution was “politically exiled” by the State while those working in other countries are “economic exiles or migrants”.

It’s true other emaSwati might have misrepresented to the Home Affairs officials in other countries, just to obtain citizenship or residential documents to secure jobs but, the context of their plight suggest that, the intention was to earn a living, they are “economic immigrants” not “self exiles”.

Eswatini is facing serious political, social and economic injustices, one day the phrase “self-exile” might trigger anger among the victims of the State persecution and journalists will then claim “harassment or violation of media freedom”.

It should be noted that media freedom, comes with the responsibility for journalists to report accurately not to push a narrative that promotes injustice against powerless citizens, an angry powerless citizen with “nothing to lose” is very dangerous. 

Financial Times editor Alec Lushaba landed in serious trouble for consistently promoting injustice against incarcerated Members of Parliament(MPs) Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube including other citizens who are in exile.

It’s painful to be forced out of your home country or to be wrongfully arrested, only for captured journalists to add salt on the political wound.

State journalists must adopt journalism rules with regards to the protection of victims, they must be, as the basic principles suggest, be the voice of the voiceless.

Labeling emaSwati who survived assassination attempts by the State and economic injustices “self-exile” is an insult that might trigger disorder, those emaSwati are not happy to be away from their homes.

Any journalist who sides with the State and continue to promote hatred and persecution against the citizens must learn from Alec Lushaba, a majority of the citizens are angry and desperate for justice.

In conclusion, let me emphasize that there’s no single Liswati in “self-exile”, even those working in other countries were forced to migrate in search for a better life, they are “economic exiles”.

Instead of mocking the sufferings of emaSwati, the Times must advocate for justice, political dialogue and democracy, all emaSwati must be free to elect their government and, they must enjoy access to economic empowerment opportunities.

The tendency of using the State controlled media to politically discriminate or portray other emaSwati who are critical of this regime as if they are not genuine citizens, will be eradicated.

It’s a pity the process of eradicating this tendency might be painful to others like the expirience Alec Lushaba went through but at the end, the culture of tolerate will prevail.

No citizen must be allowed to promote a culture of portraying others as terrorists or non-Swazi without consequences particularly if, that individual is fully aware that, it’s a political agenda.

Times journalists must guard against ‘insulting’ emaSwati who are experiencing pain in exile, Alec Lushaba landed in trouble.
Times journalists must guard against ‘insulting’ emaSwati who are experiencing pain in exile, Alec Lushaba landed in trouble.