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Floewe, the female voice that enhances Jazz, Pop, Gospel and R&B melodies

Saturday, 4th July, 2020

The world of music is better because Floewe is in it. 

In terms of longevity, she is at the very pinnacle. She possesses a flawless instrument, a voice that has illuminated Jazz, Pop, Gospel, and R&B melodies across.

Smooth, sultry - that is what you get from Floewe (real name Fikile Dladla-Nxumalo).

This gifted female singer-songwriter is undoubtedly gifted beyond measure with a phenomenal voice, style and a feel about her that easily tugs at heart strings.

Inspired by South African music powerhouses such as Simphiwe Dana, Siphokazi, the late Miriam Makeba as well as US singer-songwriter Jill Scott, she possesses a vocal prowess of her own that is equal to none.

Her socially conscious, spiritual kindof musiccould spark a revolution.

With an air of je ne sais quoi, Floewe has a colourful personality.

She is fun, loving, comical and free-spirited individual who is extremely in touch with her emotions that it translates on to her music.

For years on end, she has enchanted audiences of all spectrums with her personality and charisma. 

She let us in how why she continues to do what she does and how things have changed since COVID 19.

    Life since COVID 19? 

 So, it has been a steep hill. Frustrating in the sense that it kind of came unexpected and it was such as a huge blow for us as entertainers obviously because now there are no performances we are booked for and which is where much of our income came from. As a result, there has been a need for a lot of adjustments in my life.

 ·     How life with COVID has changed her overall?

The pandemic has, of course, come with some pros and cons. Obviosuly, the negative is the knock it has made on income. The upside, however, has been that I have been able to pause, just breathe, exhale and just look at the work I have done. I have had time to kind of appreciate and pat myself on the shoulder to say you know what you have really worked, done well for yourself. I have also had time to meditate and exercise, clear my head. The mind can get so bust and as a result, you don’t get to become productive as you’d like to be. So, this has been a quiet time to really think and appreciate the little efforts that I have made as an artist and a person. I have also used the time to sort of do some spring cleaning in my life too with regards to my career and kind of cement relations with other people and in terms of where I would like my brand to be in the next five years. I really appreciate the quiet time. It has helped a lot. I’m thankful for it. We have to celebrate our achievements time and again no matter how little. 

 ·     How she draws strength to face each day?

Prayer, meditation, spending time with those who I love, my kids matter most, more than anything in the world. So, I’m checking myself every day. I am now doing things not just for myself but others – friends, loved ones, and strangers. It doesn’t take so much to actually change someone’s life or make someone’s day. It could just be by smiling, sending a text, a motivational


Words of encouragement to women pushing their hustle?


Keep going. Make sure you turn your passion into a career not a job. If you are passionate about it, it will become a career instantly and you will be driven to do a whole lot of other things and more than anything, it will make you happy. Keep keeping on. It’s never too late to win. Hustle on, sistah!!! The world is huge, make it your oyster. 








Floewe, the female voice that enhances Jazz, Pop, Gospel and R&B melodies