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OPINION:Mswati’s police who assaulted nurses for demanding drugs in hospitals,are future ghosts who want to skip the queue to Hades.

Thursday, 31st August, 2023

In the Book of Revelation 20:14, it is stated clearly that when the time comes for this world dominated by sins and/or abominations to be completely destroyed, "death” and "Hades" will be thrown into the lake of fire.

This means, as the situation stands, “death” is not yet destroyed or thrown into the lack of fire but,is a living evil spirit that is very much alive and active.

Therefore, it is that spirit that was calling the police officers who assaulted nurses and other activists in Mbabane Wednesday merely for, demanding drugs in public hospitals.

Retired Senior Deputy Commissioner Richard Mngometulu was behaving exactly like the police officers who assaulted the nurses,including members of the People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO). 

But when “death" ‘summoned’ him into Hades, he was crying at the Mbabane Government Hospital, appealing for medication.

Hades is a spiritual place where the spirits of the dead are kept waiting for the judgment day, the late police serial killers Richard Mngometulu and Sam Mthembu are allegedly kept there.

It should be noted that, the police officers might have felt powerful when assaulting the nurses but, very soon, some of them or their relatives would be crying in hospital beds without medication.

The situation and/or shortage of drugs in public hospitals has manifested into a serious crisis that requires the collective efforts of all citizens in this country.

But alas, we have police officers, who are so stupid and stubborn in such a way that, they resort to crash any effort that seeks to assist them delay their journey to Hades.

In fact, and/or in my view, the nurses were assaulted by police officers who will soon be ‘ghosts’.

We recently saw even soldiers who were involved in a fatal accident at eBuka joining patients in a protest against the shortage of drugs.

The mere fact that, these health workers decided to temporarily leave hospitals to deliver a petition to their employer, demanding drugs suggests that, they are committed to the oath they took to save people\'s lives.

Indeed, the protest meant these nurses wanted to see their clients, including police officers, receive the best health services.

But, as previously mentioned, some of these police officers are stubborn future ghosts, who want to immediately respond to urgent ‘summons’ by "death” hence they decided to assault the nurses.

It’s true that, all of us will die one day and whatever, we do with Medical Aid services, seeking and receiving medical treatments is to try and delay the process so that, we can sort other things for our children before we go.

But seemingly, some lunatics who call themselves police officers want to become ghosts as a matter of urgency, their stubbornness and blind loyalty to the ruling regime has blinded them, they rather die protecting Mswati’s government who messed-up the health system.

This, I would suggest, is the highest degree of stupidity.

OPINION:Mswati’s police who assaulted nurses for demanding drugs in hospitals,are future ghosts who want to skip the queue to Hades.
Nurses and other activists during the protest.