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Consumers Association warns the public against buying Premier Bakery bread

Wednesday, 8th July, 2020

MBABANE: The Eswatini Consumer Association has warned Emaswati that bread from Premier bakery is not safe for consumption.

This follows complaints from the public that bread from the company contains soil particles which the company disputed in a statement.

The company in a statement released in the Times of Eswatini on Tuesday said their own investigation revealed that the gritty texture of the bread was actually caused by bran as opposed to soil particles as alleged by the public.

“The findings indicate that after the changing to wheat from a different origin, course wheat flour and bran husk passed through the sieves in the mills causing hard grits of flour. This was due to the bran (outer layer of wheat) being more absorbent causing the endosperm to remain largely un-hydrated when mixed with water. This has resulted in a different texture in some slices of the baked loaf. The course flour and bran are naturally occurring and poses no harm if consumed” reads the statement in part.

Eswatini Consumer Association Chairperson Bongani Mdluli when reached for comment advised the public to be wary of the bread as it might not be safe for human consumption.

\"This is an issue of concern and it cannot be taken lightly. It only needs government through the ministry of commerce and the relevant health departments in the ministries to conduct their own investigation for the satisfaction of consumers. The company cannot investigate itself if there are serious allegations like this one. The report is fine for their own purposes but for the consumers, an independent investigation is needed. It would be advisable for Consumers to use alternatives in the meantime pending an investigation into the matter” he said.

Consumers Association warns the public against buying Premier Bakery bread
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