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MultiStakeholder Forum(MSF), PPA must unite based on democratic centralism principles.

Sunday, 17th September, 2023

A coalition where members can just defy collective decisions without consequences, is nothing but, a mockery of the struggle for democracy.

The fundamental and/or objective behind the establishment of coalitions in the context of the struggle for democracy is to, among others, ensure that, political parties submit to collective decisions and subscribe to democratic centralism principles.

But without disregarding the unity in diversity principle which,in this regard remains another pillar of democracy, all members of a coalition organization must first debate issues behind the scenes and then communicate a collective position to the public through the media.

What happened towards the Tinkhundla elections where other members of the MultiStakeholder Forum(MSF) defied a collective resolution by the coalition organization and went on to participate in the elections should be a political lesson for the entire Mass Democratic Movement(MDM).

Any organization that defies the MSF or the Political Parties Assembly(PPA) must be subjected to disciplinary processes even if that organization claims to enjoy a following.

It should be noted that, emaSwati are actually followers of the struggle for democracy not individuals, they previously followed and took national shutdown orders from Solidarity Forces Commander Thabo Kunene.

This means the MSF and PPA must not be intimidated by a fake social media following, emaSwati are hungry for democracy and once they present a detailed strategy for liberation, emaSwati will endorse and follow true political leadership.

One would make an example about this Swaziland News, an online publication that guided by journalism code of ethics stipulated by the Press Council, an institution that regulates all media houses in South Africa.

The Swaziland News cannot be a member of the Press Council and went on to operate outside the legal framework governing the media, that would be a violation of journalism ethics.

The mere fact that this publication decided to be part of the professional body governing the media suggests that, it’s conduct is regulated.

We are independent but accountable to an institution governed by retired Judges of South Africa and the intention is ensure that we provide credible news while submitting to the authority of the Press Council.

Therefore, we cannot have political parties who voluntarily applied to be part of the MSF or PPA but went on to defy the collective decisions of the coalition organizations.

Even King Mswati’s Cabinet operates collectively and decisions cannot be selectively attributed to Prime Minister Cleopas Dlamini or any Minister, these decisions are known as “Cabinet resolutions” because they came subsequent to collective deliberations by Ministers in meetings chaired by the Prime Ministers.

Personally, I always get worried with the conduct of some of these lunatics who calls themselves leaders of political parties, if they fail to submit to democratic centralism and be accountable, how can they run a government?.

In conclusion, it is therefore important to state that, we want to see decisive leadership within the MSF and PPA, if the leaders of the these coalition groups are afraid of the staged “nonsense” of insults on social media, they cannot govern this country.

I am referring to the insults as “staged nonsense” because I am aware of who is trying to control the public opinion with insults, leaders must resist that “nonsense”, the Tinkhundla elections has proven to us that those who claim to enjoy a huge following were actually dreaming.

There would be no forty(40) Members of Parliament(MPs) who will fight Mswati’s regime from within and therefore, we have a reason to conclude that the social media following is staged, elections are not a social media ‘comedy’ where one person can create multiple accounts and claim the public is against this and that, it’s “one man, one vote” during elections and this exposed those who claimed to enjoy a following.

One cannot fail to win Tinkhundla elections and then bully the entire Mass Democratic Movement(MDM), claiming he will win elections once this country attain democracy that staged political dream is just meant to bully other leaders into submission, those who fear insults will do so.

It should be noted that, with his thousands of emaButfo, even King Mswati’s political party can win elections in the new democratic eSwatini. So nobody knows who will rule this country in the new democratic dispensation, the public’s vote will decide through the ballox box.

The MSF and PPA coalition must lead the struggle for democracy, anything outside that, is nothing but a staged performance.

The independent media is here as a stakeholder for the Mass Democratic Movement(MDM), for the past months we have been successfully fighting against political elements that wanted to reduce the media into a mere follower,we are not followers of politicians but critical stakeholders.

Our duty is to demand accountability from those in power on behalf of the public, any leader who is holding a position of power within the MSF and PPA must be ready to respond to questions and account to the public.

MultiStakeholder Forum(MSF), PPA must unite based on democratic centralism principles.
MSF Chairperson lawyer Sicelo Mngomezulu.