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OPINION:Elections Commission technological update of results commended,reduced vote rigging allegations and misinformation.

Saturday, 30th September, 2023

The technology system known as the ‘app’ introduced by the Elections Commission and developed by the Royal Science and Technology Park(RSTP) reduced allegations or suspicions of vote rigging and misinformation.

There were no reports of violence and this, could be attributed to the manner in which the whole process was administered by the Elections Commission, transparency and access to information remains significant in the process of an election.

As an editor employed by an online publication that is a product of technology, I will be doing a disservice by disregarding such innovation, the Elections and Boundaries Commission(EBC) update ‘app’ was designed to accommodate both the rich and poor, it consumed less data while providing critical information of vital public interest.

The results of the elections suggests that, the process was free and fair at least, to those who decided to participate in the Tinkhundla Parliamentary elections that restrict the participation of political parties.

As mentioned, the updates on the app enabled the public to monitor the process and by the time the final results were announced, voters had already made predictions.

We saw some high profile, alleged royal connected individuals and those suspected to be funded by the regime losing the elections, this means there was no vote rigging, at least, unless we receive evidence suggesting otherwise.

The fall of former Kwaluseni Member of Parliament(MP) Sibusiso Mabhanisi Dlamini, the then Ndzingeni MP Lutfo Dlamini, the then Tourism Minister Moses Vilakati and former Education Minister Lady Howard-Mabuza suggests that, the people who decided to vote were allowed to elect MPs of their choice without any influence or attempts of vote rigging by the State.

But the context of this article was to applaud the Elections Commission ‘app’, those who came-up with this idea must be proud of themselves, the free flow of information in this country has been a challenge for decades.

It is in this regard that, we commend and encourage innovation, maybe in the future we will have more ‘apps’ to monitor Parliament motions and government performances in terms of service delivery.

OPINION:Elections Commission technological update of results commended,reduced vote rigging allegations and misinformation.
Elections Commission Chairman Prince Mhlabuhlangene.