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Nation Magazine editor warns: King has assumed godly status

Saturday, 23rd November, 2019

MBABANE: Bhekithemba Makhubu, the editor of the Nation Magazine has warned the Nation that King Mswati was assuming a godly status by claiming he takes decisions after receiving a word from God.

Bheki Makhubu is the Swazi editor who has been jailed several times by the government for expressing his views without fear or favor regarding the political, social and economic injustice in the country. He was once convicted by Judge Mpendulo Simelane, as he then was, for criticizing the Judiciary particularly the late Chief Justice Michael Ramodibedi who allegedly subjected to injustice, the then Head of Anti- Government Cars Abuse Unit Bhantjana Gwebu.  

Writing in his ‘Speaking my Mind’ column for this month edition, the highly regarded editor expressed concerns that the King purchased the multi-million Rolls Royce cars shortly after committing the country to about E100million (US$6million) to the Global Fund.

“King Mswati received the cars after committing this country to US$6million debt he created on a whim, without any justifiable reason. Government officials, politicians and the media have been on a crusade to try and justify the pledge to the Global Fund. But because he now lives a different existence and is very far removed from us, mentally, emotionally and in spirit, King Mswati simply explained himself by saying he had received a message from God that he should come up with that ridiculous figure he promised to the world” writes the editor.

The editor said after 33 years on the Throne, wielding absolute power over a docile people who accepted his very word as gospel, King Mswati has now assumed a godly status.

“He sees himself as the 14th Apostle, after the 12 who followed Christ on earth and the 13th  who said he has seen the Almighty in His glory in the heaven on the road to Damascus. It shouldn’t really surprise us that we have come to this. For 33 years now, we have consistently told the King, and punished anyone who said differently, that he is the be-all-end of our lives. People who have tried to stop this kind of genuflection have had their lives ruined, their jobs taken away and others thrown in jail, ” the editor writes. 

Makhubu said, as a result, the Nation was complicit to the current behavior of the King who now sees himself as closer to the angels.

“We are all complicit in what our King has become become. King Mswati might see himself  as closer to the angels, but it is doubtful whether Arch Angel, Gabriel, is impressed with what he is doing to our country”.



Nation Magazine editor warns: King has assumed godly status
Nation Magazine editor Bheki Makhubu