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Simunye Country Club a death Zone,children dying in numbers at Swimming Pool.

Wednesday, 18th October, 2023

SIMUNYE: Mndeni Masuku, the biological father of the deceased child Azokuhle Masuku says, he is going through a traumatic experience after his son died at the Simunye Country Club and Lodge swimming pool.

The Simunye Country Club Management issued a statement on Wednesday addressing the death of Azokuhle Masuku amid public criticism for their long silence after the incident.

“We acknowledge the public discourse that has ensued regarding the above sad incident and we would like to inform the public that our effort currently is focused on engaging with the Masuku family.

Out of respect for the family and acknowledgement of the sad time they are going through, we have found it prudent to refrain from making any public statements up until the engagement process has unfolded". read the statement in part.

Speaking to this Swaziland, Azokuhle's father, Mndeni Masuku, says he is emotionally saddened and displeased after the Simunye Country Club Administration undermined them during and after the death of his son.

“I'm quite dissatisfied with how the Club’s administrators are handling the issue. During the incident, a lot of tourists flocked to the site to provide assistance, while workers and management went about their business as if nothing had happened.Actually, we didn't want any burial aid from them, just sorrow for our loss as a family,” said Azokuhle Masuku’s father.

On another note, the Club requested that the public find it suitable to let the engagement process to unfold, noting that they are trying their utmost to deal with the situation in the best way possible.

Simunye Country Club a death Zone,children dying in numbers at Swimming Pool.
The late Azokuhle Masuku.