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SIBAYA MICROPHONE GRABBING:In Siswati any Liswati can invade Ludzidzini Palace, sing praises to King Mswati while ‘insulting’ him for alleged wrongdoing.

Wednesday, 25th October, 2023

In Siswati, it’s not a crime to ‘insult’ the King while expressing yourself on issues of governance,culture and tradition.

The current King is behaving like a ‘cheeseboy’ because no one is insulting him, historically, platforms like Sibaya were the rightful forums for citizens to express themselves and insult the King in a manner that seeks to ensure that he realizes and correct his mistakes.

King Sobhuzan ll,I am told, was once insulted by one of his eMakhosikati who complained to him in full view of emaButfo that she was hungry for sex.

The late King was passing by the Sibaya next to Tibiyo TakaNgwane kitchen at Ludzidzini Palace and his wife saw and confronted him.

The Inkhosikati allegedly said “Wagcina nini kuta lakimi wena uphakunwabuluka nje, utsi lesami sidliwa ngubani”.

But while Sobhuza’s emaButfo were looking at him wondering how he will respond to the aggrieved Inkhosikati, he is said to have just smiled and walked away without responding to the Inkhosikati.

Well,my grandfather is no more hence I’m now unable to get some of Sobhuza’s interesting stories.

But what happened to Sibusiso Dlamini, a member of the royal family, who was rudely interrupted and had his microphone grabbed for calling for the unbanning of political parties suggest that, it’s now a crime to insult or truly express yourself before the King.

One wonders what type of a King is Mswati who rules through political romance from those next to him, these people are misleading and preventing him from understanding the reality of our politics.

It should be noted that, by “insult” SiSwati meant “kutfulula konkhe eNgwenyameni”, not in the literal context.

Sibusiso Dlamini is a member of the royal family and he was harassed within the premises of Ludzidzini Palace just for expressing a fair view, unban political parties.

But those who harassed Dlamini must know that, there are many members of the royal family and/or eMalangeni who want to speak like Sibusiso, they want democracy.

But it’s important to note that, those who always block others from meeting the King or expressing their views think they are protecting him.

Mswati is old enough to manage political criticism, he has been on the Throne for more than thirty(30) years and has gained expirience how to deal with such political views, I don’t think he is still a political toddler desperate for protection.

The truth stands, whether a microphone is grabbed or not, this country must be democratized so that the people can elect their own government.

Mswati has many wives who can romance him, Sibaya should not be a platform meant for the King’s political romance, otherwise the grabbing of the microphone confirmed our earlier sentiments suggesting that, this is a forum meant to blind emaSwati that there’s democracy in the country.

SIBAYA MICROPHONE GRABBING:In Siswati any Liswati can invade Ludzidzini Palace, sing praises to King Mswati while ‘insulting’ him for alleged wrongdoing.
Sibusiso Dlamini.