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OPINION:Corrupt Judges in trouble after Prince Simelane’s appointment as Justice Minister.

Tuesday, 14th November, 2023

The appointment of Prince Simelane as Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs might be perceived as a mockery to others but, the truth is; it might be a strategic appointment by King Mswati.

In my line of duty as a journalist,I handled many corruption stories and exposed the then Principal Secretary(PS) Clifford Mamba’s corrupt syndicate within the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, in all the investigations,Prince Simelane was not implicated but instead,the corruption could be traced to the administration of the retired PS.

Prince Simelane, the then Minister of Housing ended the career of ex-Mbabane Chief Executive Officer(CEO) Gideon Mhlongo by refusing to renew his contract, Mhlongo is one of the most feared ‘mafia’ in the administration of Municipalities.

Furthermore, Gideon Mhlongo is part of Clifford Mamba’s syndicate that bribes high profile people with plots or land within the Municipalities to strengthen political power with intent to incubate corruption,there’s overwhelming evidence to substantiate this allegation.

But Prince Simelane did not accept any bribe, not even a plot and that’s why he was able to deal with the ‘mafia’, both Clifford Mamba and Gideon Mhlongo failed to secure contracts renewals because Prince Simelane ‘told’ them to go home after retirement.

But unfortunately, Apollo Maphalala, a former Nhlangano Chief Executive Officer(CEO) who is loyal to Clifford Mamba’s syndicate has been appointed as the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, this means tension is looming within that Ministry.

Prince Simelane is the kind of man who, after knocking off at work, goes straight to his wife or eMalawini(etiHoncweni) to relax, he is one of the Princes who does not attend corrupt meetings, his main weakness is to incite violence against protestors.

Even during the recent meeting between King Mswati and the newly elected Members of Parliament(MPs) and Senators, he suggested that the country must employ more soldiers, warders and the police, he referred to the members of the security forces who kill innocent civilians as “fenisi welive” that protects the country.

Well, when it comes to the corruption within the Judiciary, the Prince might implement changes,some Judges must be impeached.

But,as some documents suggests, Prince Simelane respects protocol, he acts on advice or recommendations from those who are directly involved in the administration, he does interfere in administrative duties and perhaps, that’s why Clifford Mamba took advantage only to learn the hard way that, Prince Simelane is not stupid as others might perceive him.

The new Justice Minister’s behavior best describes the siSwati adage “akulali Ngwane kulala emehlo”, because of his previous statement “Mine bengingati nekutsi kunelitiko laka-Housing”, some interpreted the ‘jock’ statement wrongly as if Prince Simelane is totally ignorant yet he was humbling himself.

In most instances, particularly within the Ministry of Housing, Prince Simelane would allow the administration to work independently, he would say “sebentani ngini lenatiko kutsi loku kusebentwa njani, ngitawubese niyangibekela”, however, when things back-fire, he would crack the whip.

Corrupt Judges who undermine Prince Simelane must know that this is a man who is not easily approachable for corrupt deals, he is a loyal to Mswati 

wholeheartedly’ and would implement any decision that will protect the Throne or the  institution of the Monarchy.

OPINION:Corrupt Judges in trouble after Prince Simelane’s appointment as Justice Minister.
Justice Minister Prince Simelane.