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Editor Eugene Dube describes out-going US Ambassador Lisa Peterson as an intelligent diplomat

Wednesday, 29th July, 2020

MBABANE: Lisa Peterson, the outgoing United States Ambassador to Eswatini Lisa Peterson has been described as an intelligent diplomat who managed to organise a live online media briefing to prevent captured the eSwatini editors from censoring the information from the public.

Speaking to this Swaziland News, Swati Newsweek editor, Eugene Dube said the United States was lucky to have a leader of Peterson calibre who was very strategic when disseminating a message to the public regarding the abuse of resources by the King. Dube said the Ambassador was fully aware that the editors would not disseminate the information as it is, hence, she organised a live discussion where she came hard on King Mswati in the presence of the editors.

“She is a very brilliant diplomat. America is blessed to have her as a leader, and she deserves a higher position in the United States. After seeing that Eswatini editors are captured and economic with the truth, Peterson set up a live Facebook discussion so that Emaswati can see the true colours of these rented editors,” said Dube.

In an article published on Tuesday, 28 July 2020, the editor Mbongeni Mbingo who earns over E50,000.00 salary paid directly by a royalty-controlled company, Tibiyo TakaNgwane came hard on the US Envoy for organizing the discussion saying, clearly, Peterson had hidden intentions.

“The Ambassador knew fully well what she was trying to achieve when she sprang this interview on the media, for this interview had been scripted from start to finish and editors had already presented their three questions which they were told to submit in advance. It was at the end of the show when editors had asked their questions, that she ceased the opportunity to attack the Head of State” said the editor.

But Dube wondered why Mbongeni Mbingo would choose to insult the outgoing Ambassador through an article published by the Eswatini Observer on 28 July 2020. 

“Mbongeni was invited by Peterson and honoured the invitation. He was there when the outgoing Ambassador made the critical comments on the extravagant spending by the Royal family. He should have engaged the Ambassador, but he chose not to, only to hide behind an article. He is on record claiming to have been ambushed by the Ambassador. One can only conclude that he is an incompetent editor who has no vigilance at all,” Dube said.

Reached for comment by this publication, Lucky Lukhele, the Spokesperson of the Swaziland Solidarity Network said Lisa Peterson was the best amongst the rest. 

“Lisa Peterson is the only Ambassador who bravely criticised the Monarchy directly. What she has done has surpassed all the Ambassadors to have been deployed. We call on her to mobilise America and the world for the democratisation of Swaziland. We also expect her to mobilise the International Monetary Fund(IMF) and the World Bank to help democratize the country,” said the SSN Spokesperson.

Editor Eugene Dube describes out-going US Ambassador Lisa Peterson as an intelligent diplomat
Out-going US Ambassador to Eswatini Lisa Peterson with editors