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King Mswati, a dangerous dagga dealer ‘hiding’ behind a COVID-19 mask

Wednesday, 12th August, 2020

“A powerful and dangerous dagga dealer hiding behind a COVID-19 mask”, is the political phrase that best describes the conduct of King Mswati who disappeared and dumped the people in the midst of the pandemic but continues behind the scenes  to manipulate all the three arms of government to push the enactment of laws that seek to legitimise his alleged dagga dealings with capitalists.

Perhaps, let me hasten to state that it is now a matter of serious concern that the King continues to use his absolute powers, manipulating of the law including Parliament not to the development this country but to push his shady dealings while ensuring that the citizens sink deeper into poverty. 

Worth noting is that the King went into self-quarantine shortly after declaring a COVID19 State of Emergency about six months  ago before making a rare public address after series of articles from this publication demanding that he address the Nation on COVID-19 and demonstrate leadership in the fight against the virus. But then, he came out of the isolation with nothing failing to even provide resources held by Tibiyo TakaNgwane, the multi-billion public company that was ‘stolen’ from the people by royalty.

 Despite neglecting the people, the King through his political allies in Cabinet and few greedy MPs want to collaborate with capitalists and forcefully grab the dagga business from the poor, our political system has been turned into a jungle where the powerful are now surviving by ‘feasting’ on the powerless.

The Nation should not be blinded here, this POCA is not only driven by Justice Minister Pholile Dlamini-Shakantu, Attorney General Sifiso Khumalo, Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini and National Commissioner William Dlamini, these public figures are working with delegated powers from the ‘Commander in Chief’ who currently hiding behind his COVID-19 mask. 

King Mswati long matured in this dirty game of using politicians to push his corrupt dealings, he might intervene when the political situation reached the boiling point and suspend this POCA, claiming to be providing a solution when in fact he was the source of the problem. 

As the situation stands, King Mswati is nowhere to be found, people are suffering as hospitals are running short of medical supply and food distribution for the hungry people.

But the political situation suggests that he is hiding somewhere, directing his trusted allies in government to ensure that the people are made to live a miserable life. 

Even dagga farmers who tried to earn a living and had never stolen any cent from government are made to suffer because King Mswati now wants to take over dagga business, this is actually one of the most corrupt, selfish and greedy King in the history of this country. 

The grabbing of properties owned by dagga farmers not to mention the destruction of dagga fields by the police proved beyond any reasonable doubt that this country is not only ruled by a greedy businessman who wants everything for himself, but a dealer who manipulates the law including his absolute powers to accumulate wealth through shady dealings.


Documents in our possession including a proof of payment that was earlier published by the Swaziland News substantiating how the King defrauded the Nation and benefited over E100million from a Salgaocar mineral deal should be an eye opener that the now controversial Stem Holdings multi-billion cannabis deal is a continuous desire by the King to loot this country.

Not long ago, during Sibaya, King Mswati’s daughter Princess Sikhanyiso mentioned that the world spent about $100 billion annually on dagga used in the production of medication, she mentioned that the country would get about 10% or $10 billion each year if it can legalize the growing of dagga, Mswati is now high jacking that idea for his selfish ambitions.

As the King and his political allies both in Cabinet and few MPs fight to take over the dagga business and hand it over to capitalists where they stand to benefit through sub-contracts and shares, they must know one thing, power belongs to the people. 

The fact that the King currently holds absolute powers does not mean the people will forever keep quiet, if he is indeed wise as those close to him always claim, he ought to have understood that the dagga industry does not only involve emaSwati but it connects to a huge syndicate outside the country that buys the product in Eswatini. 

Therefore, this means the King is slowly inciting a civil war and his propagated claims, sustained by the captured media suggesting that the country is peaceful might soon be history. 

It should be noted that POCA is an internationally backed law with intentions of fighting organized crime but in this country, it has been hijacked and used as a weapon by another dagga dealer, King Mswati, who happens to have absolute powers that he now uses to grab and seize control of the cannabis industry.

Dagga farmers by their nature, spent months in the mountains and or forests supervising their products, they are exposed to all sorts of dangers just to earn a living, in a country where the government does not care for the people. 

The State should be providing resources and later convince them to pay tax instead of destroying their businesses. 

It should be noted that the King used corrupt means to fraudulently seize control of the telecommunications, sugar, properties, mining industries and other sectors before developing interest on workers’ Pensions Funds. Now he wants to take over dagga farming, being the last industry controlled by Emaswati, one wonders what these citizens did to the King that made him to develop hatred against the people, surely, he doesn’t want to see anyone living a better life except for his children and allies in Cabinet and the various governing councils(Emabandla).  

But in conclusion, let me warn the King to stop hiding behind his COVID-19 mask, he must come out and sort the mess he has created by developing interest in the dagga farming. 

The King should not mislead himself that we will only address Justice Minister Pholile Shakantu, Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini and the entire POCA Committee on these issues, we know his strategy of using appointed politicians as ‘Tesulamsiti’to cover-up his blunders and dealings. 

The death of his ‘Sesulamsiti’Barnabas Dlamini exposed that the main problem in this country is King Mswati but he managed to be good in using his politicians to push his dealings, the Nation will then hate those public figures while the King remains popular and ‘clean’ in the eyes of the people. 

Unfortunately, this time, he is pushing the dealings while hiding behind the COVID-19 mask, only the mouth and noise is covered, the upper part of the face is there for everyone to see that the main problem here is King Mswati.  


King Mswati, a dangerous dagga dealer ‘hiding’ behind a COVID-19 mask
King Mswati III