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Tension as MP Bacede demands clarification from AG on MP’s pending fraud case

Friday, 14th August, 2020

LOBAMBA:Tension escalated in Parliament on Friday afterHosea Member of Parliament (MP) Mduduzi ‘Bacede’ Mabuza challenged Attorney General(AG) Sifiso Khumalo to clarify why the provisions of the Elections Act of 2013 are selective applied to ordinary citizens when a member of the House who faces criminal charges continues with his political duties in complete violation of the said Act.

Even though the Hosea MP did not name the MP, it remains public knowledge that Lobamba MP Marwick Khumalo was arrested and charged in 2013 for alleged fraud among others, the Elections Act states that:

 “Where the trial is still not completed after nine months and a subsequent report by the Judge presiding over the case reveals that the delay in finalizing the proceedings is attributed to the accused, the accused shall at the end of twelve months if the trial is still not completed, be disqualified from the position in which the accused was elected”. 

The Hosea MP said it was surprising that the same law was used to disqualify a Senate candidate when within the House, an MP was continuing with his political duties facing criminal charges in complete violations of the Act. 

“In this House, we have an MP who is facing criminal charges, but the same law was used to disqualify a candidate from Manzini, why is the law applied selectively” asked the Hosea MP.

When responding on the matter, Attorney General Sifiso Khumalo said the Hosea MP was supposed to raise this issue earlier and his response triggered more tension within the House.

Mduduzi ‘Small Joe’ Dlamini, the Maseyisini MP later exchanged heated words with the AG and Dlamini asked the Principal Government Legal Adviser who is related to Marwick Khumalo to not to be emotional to which the AG responded that he was not.

The Hosea MP was recently arrested by the police and charged for allegedly defeating the ends of justice after a critical debate in Parliament over the selective targeting of dagga farmers through the Prevention of Organized Crime Act(POCA).



Tension as MP Bacede demands clarification from AG on MP’s pending fraud case
Hosea MP Mduduzi Mabuza