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OPINION:Commercial crime and corruption in eSwatini and the public opinion about FESBC.

Sunday, 31st December, 2023

People need to understand that we are doing this not to gain public excitement but to better the trading space within the country towards ease of doing business. 

Blaming FESBC on the approach or amount of big corporates reported for investigation is neither here nor there, was the concerned public impressed when we were taken advantage off by big business?.

The local businesses properties were auctioned and the tax man was closing businesses in the process, public officials were colluding with big business towards suffocating SMME.

This is not a public spat but a systematic process towards opening up the economy as per resolution of Vus'umnotfo Expo of FESBC and the strategic plan 2020-25 supported by ILO.

So the public need to keep their views and opinions to themselves, anyway these views and opinions do not pay the bills and debts we are suffering on daily bases. 

So its time we put it out there that we are not doing this to please or excite the public, but to ensure that SMME sector is revived back to self-sustainable levels accross the country.

The following is key to us;No statement by any government institution or official will derail us from the advocacy for ease of doing business in this country as well as protecting our Natural Resources and our King and the entire Royal Family, these are our primary focal areas.

No form of intimidation will shake us or remove the socio-economic questions on the ground.No Swazi in the pockets or payroll of foreign-corrupt businesses will confuse us by any form of utterances or big words,we have a sinking economy which requires a socio-economic response or actions now.

Failure of an official of Government or an Institution of Government to execute its legislative mandate is equally Criminal and may necessitate an investigation and prosecution.E.g;The Law that establish the Competition Commission was meant to prevent unfair competition in the country. So the fact that there are glaring elements of unfair competition it means this institution has failed to execute its founding legislation, and failure to comply with the law is a criminal offense to all responsible, it becomes worse if one continued drawing a monthly salary for years while in breach of the law, that becomes fraudulent. 

So hiding behind procedures and forms does not and will not clear your institution from the criminal offense you have committed individually and as an institution.

Having a National Police Service Institution which fails to arrest and send to prosecution culprits who have been clearly documented with clear evidence of fraud and corruption like a recent case opened three weeks ago and the culprits are still roaming the streets freely, is on its own failure to comply with the founding legislation of the institution of REPS itself and requires full investigation and prosecution of the responsible officials of this institution for failing to comply with the law themselves.

Intimidating or threatening those who report crime is criminal in its nature and it becomes worse when one goes public on press statements,social media or any platform or courts in an effort to demonstrate unnecessary power or shadowing of the truth, this just makes the criminality nature of the offense an emergency.

Claiming to be not part of the question raised does not change the fact that there is a problem or misconduct in the economic trading space, hence it may just be a waste of time not to focus on resolving the challenges faced by SMME due to unfair trading stakeholders.

Doing something wrong for a very longtime without being questioned does not make it legally, hence history does not change the fraudulent and corruption nature of the entities concerned.

So the main and urgent thing here is taking necessary action as per the Statutes of the Country without considering who is on the firing line, or who appointed that individual or institution. 

Let us just get things done consistently and remove personalities, emotions or anything to that effect.We are a small economy which could easily be self-sustainable without any doubt.

OPINION:Commercial crime and corruption in eSwatini and the public opinion about FESBC.
FESBC Head of Transformation Mavela Sigwane(pic: Mevela Facebook).