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OPINION:Speedy recovery to sickly former Anti-Corruption Commissioner(ACC) Dan Dlamini.

Friday, 5th January, 2024

It’s very unfortunate to learn about the detoriating health condition of former Anti-Corruption Commissioner(ACC) Daniel Dlamini who recently left office.

Personally, I’ve known Dan Dlamini as a professional having worked with him while he was Internal Affairs Manager for the Swaziland Revenue Authority(SRA) after being contracted under Zwemart Private Investigators to investigate tax invasion and/or collision by employees.

Due to our health and professional working relationship,Zwemart Private Investigators received a recommendation from SRA to do some investigations for the Central Bank of Eswatini(CBE) where I then worked with the current Elections and Boundaries Commission(EBC) Chairman Prince Mhlabuhlangene Dlamini.

Well, I must say that in one way or the other, my career in investigation was  enhanced by such interactions with professionals that include Daniel Dlamini and Prince Mhlabuhlangene Dlamini the then Central Bank Legal Advisor.

When Dan Dlamini was appointed as the Anti Corruption Commissioner(ACC) in 2018, I personally called and congratulated him and he said; “Siyabonga Nkhosi,sitawusebenta Mlangeni ngekubanjiswa ngini.Ngoba nyalo loku sewungala ka-media, nanibhala nine niveta letindzaba sitawubese siyatihlola tsine”.

But unfortunately,under the Tinkhundla system of Governance,it’s very difficult to deal with corruption,if Dan Dlamini, a principled man failed to investigate and secure a single conviction,I’m deeply disappointed.

But I cannot blame him, this is a man I worked with on the ground while investigating alleged tax evasion within the boarder gates, despite being a senior Manager at SRA, he would sometimes drive to check on me and my team and receive an progress report,he was determined to see results.

I worked with Dan Dlamini,a few years after the establishment of the SRA and he would state categorically clear that; “we want to ensure that SRA employees are ethically and professional, and  won\'t collude with clients to evade tax, we are building a reputable revenue institution”.

It’s very unfortunate that Dan Dlamini’s appointment as ACC Commissioner destroyed and turned him into a failure,he is now sick and previously suffered a stroke.

In all this,I don’t blame the former Anti-Corruption Commissioner(ACC) but the corrupt Tinkhundla system of Governance.

Having worked as a contracted investigator for other institutions of the State, I’m not basing this on assumptions but facts, corruption is rife within Tinkhundla and the ACC Commissioner wouldn’t have survived.

The former ACC Commissioner’s sickness and/or health condition is hitting hard on me because I was hoping that when I leave journalism at least after democratizing the country, I will go back to private investigation and work with him again.

In conclusion,let me once again wish former Anti-Corruption Commissioner(ACC) Dan Dlamini a speedy recovery but I blame the Tinkhundla system for destroying a good man.

OPINION:Speedy recovery to sickly former Anti-Corruption Commissioner(ACC) Dan Dlamini.
Former ACC Commissioner Dan Dlamini.