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Education Minister appeals for extra-precautions as Form 3s, Grade 7s resumes classes.

Friday, 21st August, 2020

MBABANE: Lady Howard Mabuza, the Minister of Education and Training has appealed for extra-precautions within the various schools in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis as Form 3s and Grade 7s resumes classes.

Speaking to this Swaziland News on Friday morning, the Minister said they were working with the Ministry of Health in ensuring that everything goes accordingly within the schools but advised parents to play their role in ensuring that children are safe by emphasizing the importance of adopting preventive measures. She said the safety of the children requires a collective effort between government, teachers, school committees and parents among others and emphasized the importance of working together.  

"Each and every parent should instil the message of staying safe to their children sothey take the necessary saftey precautions”she said 

On another note, Sikelela Dlamini, the SNAT Secretary General said their main concern was that the Ministry did not consult them when formulating some of the working framework and expressed that most schools in the rural areas are facing shortage of water and this would make it difficult for the children to wash their hands.

“We have over 600 primary schools in the country and most of these schools are situated in the rural areas where water is scarce, classrooms and sanitizing equipment is scarce. It was for these reasons we were suggesting that government should declare this year, a gap year” said the SNAT Secretary General. 




Education Minister appeals for extra-precautions as Form 3s, Grade 7s resumes classes.
Education Minister Lady Howard-Mabuza