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OPINION:You cannot claim to love the King and the country while getting a monthly salary for defending Government Mr Alpheous Nxumalo.

Monday, 29th January, 2024

I once had a political conversation or debate with former King’s Advisor Sandlane Zwane and in the midst of the conversation, he started defending the King.

When I asked him “why are you defending the King because,it is alleged that,Mswati kicked you out and doesn’t want you anymore next to him?”, he said;

“Lalela-ke MntfwaneNkhosi leya yintwana yami sikhule nayo lapha ka-Lobamba,I don’t need any political appointment so can I defend him and the country.I know him sisema-ntwana and nabatsi wente loku I can tell if it’s his decision or bayamcala”.

The problem in this country is that those who are in Government think, they love the King and the country more than those who are not in positions of authority, they even perceive political activists and human rights defenders as enemies of the State.

But what they fail to understand is that,some of these human rights defenders sit with diplomats behind the scenes and compile international reports,if they hate the country, they could have long influenced certain decisions at international level against the country and King Mswati.

Calling for democracy and respect for fundamental human rights is interpreted as an enmity against the King and the country, at least, according to political hypocrites in the corridors of power like Alpheous Nxumalo.

It’s very unfortunate that these days we are facing the challenge of a political hypocrite in Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo who stops even ordinary citizens in Filing Stations,restaurants and Bars just to tell them how much he loves the King and the country.

This is a man who is getting a salary every month to defend the eSwatini Government and in his own world of imagination, he loves the King even more than members of the royal family.

An unemployed Ingatja or Mswati’s sibutseki who defends the King even when facing serious challenges of poverty is far better than Alpheous Nxumalo who speaks about loyalty to King Mswati and the country at a restaurant while browsing through the MENU.

As a critic of the King and the oppressive Tinkhundla system of Governance, after my conversation with former King’s Advisor Sandlane Zwane,I learned that loyalty while in the political wilderness is genuine, you cannot claim to be loyal to the King while getting a cheque or an in-contact every month.

Some of us we were interacting with Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo even after he was dismissed as Managing Director(MD) of the State owned eSwatini Observer,Nxumalo was seeking financial help even from members of the People’s United Democratic Movement(PUDEMO), Sive Siyinqaba and other political parties and for him to get help, he would first speak ill about the King and the Tinkhundla system just to be relevant to the political conversation before asking for money and food.

After being appointed as Government Spokesperson, he even reached out to some of us,trying to make us understand and be lenient when he attack us because he is at work, to me he said; “ungabokwata phela sbali uma sengenta lomsebenti weku-defender Hulumende ngoba i-job yi-job, uyati-ke wena Sbali sisuka khashane”.

Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo is not the only person I know or interacted with in the Tinkhundla system corridors or royal circles,everyday,we speak to King’s loyalists who doesn’t behave like Alpheous.

I still maintain that it was wrong for Nxumalo to attack human rights lawyer Thulani Rudolf Maseko’s widow Tanele Maseko, what happened to Tanele’s husband was cruel and we cannot allow a political hypocrite who is afraid to face hunger,to falsely demonstrate love for King Mswati at the expense of a grieving widow.

We debate politics with many loyalists of the Tinkhundla system and regardless of our political differences,we learn from each other because our common interest is the country, there’s no ‘expert’ in politics, we learn through constructive debates with those with different political views.

It is therefore, surprising to note that, the eSwatini Government has a Spokesperson who thought he can ban even members of the royal family from speaking to those with different political views, he was literally dreaming.

Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo’s contract will expire on the 4th April 2024 and I’m just wondering if he will behave like Sandlane Zwane and continue being loyal to Mswati or his loyalty is transactional?.

I always blast former King’s Advisor Sandlane Zwane for defending Mswati but he reminds me of journalist Bongani Sigcokosiyancinca Dlamini who used to invite me for lunch so we can speak politics.

Sigcoko knew that I was and I’'m still totally against the oppressive Tinkhundla system but we used to debate,agree and disagree.

We are disappointed therefore, to learn about this divisive Government Spokesperson who thinks being in power means you love the King and the country more than all of us, we are emaSwati with different political views.

King Mswati knows what needs to be done, he must allow democracy and respect human rights,some of us who are privileged to write articles will always tell him to do the right thing and, in the interest of the country without compromise.

Political hypocrites like Alpheous have been there before,some will come and go but,the truth is; this country must adopt good governance and/or democracy.

OPINION:You cannot claim to love the King and the country while getting a monthly salary for defending Government Mr Alpheous Nxumalo.
Government Spokesperson Alpheous Nxumalo.